MSS Musicians United for Student Instruments and Creativity (MSS MUSIC)

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About the club

To curate an environment for the promotion of musical collaborations, the exposition of talent in the McGill Medicine and Dentistry community, and the sharing of all things musical with patients for clinical benefit.

One of our major initiatives is MUSIC In The Wards (MITW). MITW is a program that aims to provide hospitalized patients access to virtual musical interventions and concerts to improve their psychological and emotional wellbeing.

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Club PresidentEmily Oulousian, class of
VP InternalPriya Sarwal, class of
Social media coordinatorLeila Atalla, class of
MITW coordinatorAmanda Morrone, class of
MITW coordinatorElie Fadel, class of
Campus OutaouaisMatthew Hintermayer, class of
Outaouais Campus Co-RepLiliane Fakhouri, class of
Executive MemberMatthew
Executive memberJiayin Huang, class of
Executive memberBao-Lam Pham, class of