MSS Academic Peer Support (MAPS) Program

What is MAPS?

One of EdCom’s academic initiatives is the MSS Academic Peer Support (MAPS) taskforce, whose mandate is to support students in FMD that are in a remedial situation in matching with a peer tutor to help them review for the remedial. This process is confidential and allows a student in a remedial situation to select a peer tutor of their choice in a bank of peer tutors from Med-1 and Med-2.

How do I sign up ?


The sign-up form linked below is open throughout the year. Students can select which blocks they feel most comfortable tutoring and will receive an email at the start of the blocks they’re tutoring reminding them that they’ve signed-up as tutors.
They’ll have a chance then to withdraw their names as tutors for that block if they don’t feel that they’ll be available to tutor after all.

All tutors have to sign a confidentiality agreement included in the sign-up form below. Note that any breach in the confidentiality agreement will result in immediate dismissal from the MAPS program.

To sign-up to be a peer tutor, please fill out the following form:
MAPS Peer Tutor Sign-up


A few days after the block exam, students should receive an email announcing that MAPS will be open for tutee sign-up. Students in a remedial situation will then have a chance to select a peer tutor of their choice.

Once they’ve signed up, the student should receive an automated email informing them that they’ve been matched with their peer tutor. It is the tutee’s responsibility to reach out to their peer tutor.

Please find below the calendar for the MAPS program availability for this academic year:

2023-2024 Academic YearExam dateMAPS opening dateMAPS closing date
Block AMAPS not activeN/AN/A
Block BOctober 27th 2023October 30th 2023November 10th 2023
Block CDecember 12th 2023December 15th 2023December 23rd 2023
Block B/C AnatomyDecember 14th 2023December 17th 2023December 28th 2023
Block DJanuary 26th 2024January 29th 2024February 9th 2024
Block EFebruary 28th 2024March 2nd 2024March 13th 2024
Block E/D AnatFebruary 29th 2024March 3rd 2024March 14th 2024
Block FApril 19th 2024April 22nd 2024May 3rd 2024
Block GMay 17th 2024May 20th 2024May 31st 2024
Block HJune 14th 2024June 17th 2024June 28th 2024
Block H AnatJune 17th 2024June 20th 2024July 1st 2024
Block I September 20th 2023September 23rd 2023October 4th 2023
Block I AnatSeptember 21st 2023September 24th 2023October 5th 2023
Block JNovember 20th 2023November 23rd 2023December 4th 2023
Block J AnatNovember 21st 2023November 24th 2023December 5th 2023


For any questions or concerns about the MAPS project, you can contact either VP Medical Education or either VP Wellness by email using the coordinates found below.

VP Medical Education:

VP Wellness :