Candidates – Spring 2024

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Positions Open to Montreal Campus

3 key points

  1. Transparency in Governance: Promoting channels of openness and clarity in decision-making processes to ensure every member is informed and engaged.
  2. Advocacy for Diverse Student Needs and Representation: Engagement with external entities and internal bodies to ensure medical students’ concerns are heard and addressed, advocating for policies fostering diversity, inclusion, and student well-being.
  3. Resource Empowerment Initiative: Centralize information and support networks, empowering students to access and utilize resources effectively, fostering a culture of self-advocacy and resilience within our community.

Hey everyone!

My name is Fahima Khan, and I’m thrilled to announce my candidacy for the position of MSS Executive President this year! With a deep passion for both student governance and medicine, I believe we can collaboratively enhance our academic journey to make it as rewarding as possible.

A little about me: While I was born in Montreal, I spent most of my childhood in the small town of Cornwall. Prior to medical school, I completed a B.Sc. in Neuroscience at McGill University. Those three years at McGill were incredibly fulfilling, and I’m eagerly anticipating the upcoming years of McGill Medicine!

During the past year, I had the honor of serving as your Med1 Academic Representative. In this role, I actively engaged with students, faculty, and external organizations to address academic concerns and promote student well-being. Through my experience, I’ve gained valuable insights into the needs and priorities of our medical student community, and I’m excited to bring this perspective to the position of MSS Executive President.

Now, let’s talk about my platform:

  1. Transparency in Governance: I am committed to fostering an environment where decisions are made openly, with members kept informed about the rationale behind them. By ensuring transparent processes and accessible communication channels, including social media platforms, I aim to build trust and accountability within our community, ensuring direct student involvement in decision-making.
  2. Advocacy for Diverse Student Needs and Representation: I will actively engage with external organizations, university offices, and faculty committees to ensure that the concerns and priorities of medical students are effectively communicated and addressed. By serving as a strong advocate for our members, I will work tirelessly to promote policies and initiatives that enhance the overall student experience, promote diversity and inclusion, and support student well-being.
  3. Resource Empowerment Initiative: Through personalized outreach and user-friendly platforms, we’ll bridge the gap between students and resources. By centralizing information, offering guidance on navigating services, and facilitating peer-to-peer support networks, we’ll empower students to harness the full potential of available resources, fostering a culture of self-advocacy and resilience within our community. Together, we’ll revolutionize how students access and benefit from the wealth of opportunities and support services at our disposal.

3 key points

  1. Governance & Transparency: Ensure continuous review and updates to the MSS constitution, fostering transparency through regular communication on key decisions and financial matters.
  2. Strategic Partnerships: Spearhead efforts to secure corporate sponsorships, maximizing resources for MSS initiatives and clubs, while facilitating inclusive opportunities for all members.
  3. Member Engagement & Education: Organize inclusive elections and assemblies, fostering a culture of diversity and collaboration. Additionally, negotiate discounts on educational resources to enhance academic and professional development opportunities for all MSS members.


As a dedicated and driven individual with a passion for healthcare, leadership, and community engagement, I am excited to submit my application for the role of Executive Vice-President & Corporate Affairs within the Medical Students’ Society (MSS). With a diverse background in medicine, research, entrepreneurship, and organizational leadership, I am committed to leveraging my skills and experiences to support the MSS in achieving its mission and fostering a vibrant and inclusive community for all members.

Key Experiences:

1. Leadership and Advocacy:

  • As a Co-Founder and CEO of Remote Optical, I spearheaded a team of software engineers to develop innovative solutions for improving access to eye care in underserved communities. Through this experience, I cultivated strong leadership skills, collaborated with diverse stakeholders, and advocated for the needs of marginalized populations.

2. Business Acumen:

  • During my role as a Business Analyst at Lifescience Dynamics, I conducted market research and delivered actionable insights to biopharma clients, contributing to strategic decision-making and business growth. Additionally, my experience as a co-founder of Remote Optical involved securing funding, navigating health economics, and driving innovation in healthcare.

3. Community Engagement:

  • In my capacity as Med-1 Treasurer, I have fostered robust connections with fellow students while meticulously managing finances and orchestrating impactful initiatives. These experiences have deepened my understanding of student needs and the importance of inclusive leadership.

Platform Objectives:

Strengthening Governance and Transparency:

  • Ensure that the MSS constitution is kept up to date through regular review and amendments in consultation with members.
  • Promote transparency and accountability by providing regular updates on key decisions, initiatives, and financial matters.

Cultivating Strategic Partnerships:

  • Coordinate the solicitation of large or corporate sponsorship agreements to enhance financial sustainability and support MSS initiatives.
  • Facilitate sponsorship opportunities for MSS clubs, events, publications, and class councils to maximize resources and opportunities for members.

Empowering Member Engagement:

  • Organize Fall and Spring Elections and MSS General Assemblies to provide opportunities for members to actively participate in decision-making and governance processes.
  • Foster a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and collaboration by actively seeking input and feedback from all members.

Promoting Educational Excellence:

  • Negotiate discounts and group orders for educational tools and resources to support the academic and professional development of MSS members.
  • Facilitate access to educational opportunities, workshops, and training sessions to enhance the skills and competencies of members.


I am deeply passionate about the prospect of serving the MSS community and championing the voices of fellow students. With a steadfast dedication to student empowerment and a vision for collaborative growth, I am confident in my ability to fulfill the role of Executive Vice-President & Corporate Affairs with integrity and impact. Thank you for considering my candidacy, and I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the MSS community.

3 key points

  1. Support the activities of the MSS Executive and General Councils by organizing/scheduling meetings, taking meeting minutes, and handling administrative tasks.
  2. Continue improving the organization of the MSS google drive to facilitate documentation and access of documents for members of the Executive/General councils and for the student body. 
  3. Increase transparency and accessibility of meeting minutes and bimonthly updates in a timely manner on the MSS website so that students can stay updated on the MSS’s activities/plans/discussion. 

Hi everyone! I’m a Med-1 student and I am running for the role of MSS Secretary because I am interested in participating in various aspects of student life and supporting students and their initiatives! I hope to act as a supportive role for the activities/projects of the MSS Executive and General Councils, continue streamlining the organization of documentation for the MSS, and finally, help increase transparency and accessibility to what goes on in meetings so students can more easily stay updated if they want to! Relevant-ish experience: PGSS Councillor, Executive on McGill Student Emergency Response Team and SSMU Drivesafe, and turbo typing speed ☺ Thanks for reading! <3 

3 key points

  1. Comprehensive EDI Experience: Developed an EDI framework, implemented mandatory EDI training in collaboration with SSMU, and engaged in national EDI discussions, underlining a commitment to fostering an inclusive medical student community at McGill.
  2. Future Initiatives for Continued Growth: Aiming to establish tiered leadership roles within the MSS to enhance EDI efforts, expand training modules for comprehensive education, and strengthen collaborations for inclusive programming, demonstrating a forward-looking approach to EDI.
  3. Proven Dedication and Empathetic Leadership: Leveraging a personal background in diverse environments, extensive student leadership experience, and a deep understanding of EDI challenges to advocate effectively for all students, highlighting why re-election would benefit the MSS community.

Hi there! My name is Sarah Aly, and I have had the honor of serving as the Vice President of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (VP EDI) on the Medical Students’ Society (MSS) from September 2023 to March 2024. As I seek your re-election, I reflect on my accomplishments and the future objectives I am committed to achieving. 

During my tenure, I initiated several impactful changes:

  1. Establishing the EDI Framework: I developed a comprehensive framework and clarified the responsibilities for the VP EDI role—a first in our organization’s history. This groundwork laid the foundation for sustained EDI efforts within the MSS.
  2. Mandatory EDI Training: In collaboration with the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU), I implemented obligatory EDI training for all MSS members, ensuring accountability and foundational knowledge in equity principles.
  3. National Collaboration: I represented our society at EDI roundtables organized by the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS), fostering nationwide dialogue and initiatives.
  4. Support and Advocacy: By working closely with the equity team, I addressed their concerns and facilitated effective communication between them and the MSS leadership.
  5. Responsive Leadership: I actively sought and incorporated student feedback, advising fellow council members on integrating EDI principles into their projects.

Why Re-Elect Me?

My journey has just begun. Despite our achievements, I believe there is more to accomplish. My vision for the future includes:

  • Establishing Tiered Leadership: Introducing roles such as VP EDI Senior and VP EDI Junior to bolster our EDI efforts and ensure continuous focus on our objectives.
  • Enhancing Training Modules: I aim to review and expand our EDI training modules, developing comprehensive education for all medical students—a task yet to be completed.
  • Deepening Collaborations: By fostering stronger connections with our Equity colleagues, I plan to co-create inclusive training programs tailored to our community’s needs and host events that celebrate diversity and inclusion.

Why Am I the Ideal Candidate?

With five months of dedicated service, my familiarity with the MSS and CFMS dynamics positions me well for seamless progress. As a member of various visible minority groups, I bring personal insight and empathy to our collective EDI efforts. My history in student representation and my approachable nature have always driven me to advocate passionately for our community.

I am committed to leveraging my experience, passion, and understanding to advance the MSS’s EDI agenda. Your support in re-electing me will enable us to build on our existing achievements and strive for a more inclusive and equitable environment.

If you have any questions or comments about my platform, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email (, on Facebook (Sarah Aly), or in person! With your vote, we can turn the Medical Students Society into a place where we don’t just notice our differences – we truly celebrate them.

3 key points

  1. Increase accessibility for members of the MSS to unique opportunities and benefits offered by the CFMS in order to enhance their medical school experience.
  2. Facilitate communication between the MSS and other medical student societies within Canada through online platforms and in-person events.
  3. Advocate for members of the MSS by promoting the Society’s goals and interests within the CFMS. 

Hi everyone!

I’m Kulsum, and I’m excited to be running for the position of Vice-President External Affairs (Canada) for the Montreal Campus this year! My long-standing passion for improving student education and advocating for my fellow peers drew me towards this role, where I hope to enrich our medical school experience by acting as a bridge between McGill’s MSS and the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS).

As representative of the McGill Student Society within the CFMS, my priority is to connect our students with other medical student societies within Canada by sharing opportunities offered by the CFMS, while encouraging student involvement and collaboration with other medical faculties. I also aim to increase accessibility to various resources and benefits offered by the CFMS to improve our student experience and cater to your needs. Finally, I hope to actively maintain contact with you all through online platforms and in-person to receive your input and advocate for our collective interests within the CFMS.

At the end of it all, I hope that through my role I am able to broaden the horizon of opportunities for all members of the MSS and create a connection between medical students that transcends beyond schools!

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform and feel free to contact me by email ( or Facebook (Kulsum Tai) if you have any questions or concerns!

3 key points

  1. Meeting your goals: Advocate for increased McGill student participation in and creation of new CFMS projects, aligning with their talents, interests, and career goals.
  2. Keeping you informed: Promote transparency by providing regular updates about CFMS projects and initiatives, ensuring McGill medical students are well-informed on how to get involved.
  3. Building bridges: Maintain a strong liaison between the MSS and other medical student organizations within Canada, thus promoting unity among medical student interests and goals.

Hello friends! My name is Maya, and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the position of VP External (Canada) in the MSS!

My primary goal is straightforward: to champion your involvement within the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS).

The CFMS offers incredible opportunities in global health, policy-making initiatives, research prospects, residency matching resources, and more! These are all made BY students FOR students across Canada. Yet, many of us are unaware of the professional and personal benefits of involvement with the CFMS. I aspire to be the voice that advertises CFMS initiatives to you and to provide opportunities for you to engage in and even pioneer new programs for medical students across Canada!

First, I am committed to advocating for increased McGill student participation in CFMS initiatives, helping you achieve your goals. Second, I believe in transparency. It is vital that you are fully informed about all the CFMS resources available to thrive as a Canadian medical student. Finally, I strive for integration by maintaining a strong liaison between the MSS leadership and other medical student organizations, thus fostering common goals.

Here are the specific ways in which I plan to achieve the above goals:

  • Meeting your unique goals: Interested in CFMS activities? Want to get involved? I will assist you on an individual level. Whether through email, messaging, or any preferred communication method, I will help individuals engage in ways that suit their goals or appeal to their skill sets. This also applies to group interests and broader McGill student goals!
  • Keeping you informed: I aim to deliver a concise newsletter outlining what the CFMS is, its goals, and how to get involved at an individual or group level. I will leverage AI and my passion for graphic design to achieve this! Additionally, I plan to include regular newsletters about upcoming CFMS involvement opportunities for students, distributed through our regular communication channels.
  • Building bridges: Having the privilege of existing connections with many students at other medical schools, I hope to leverage my knowledge of other programs to generate new ideas and programs appealing to the broader goals of med students across Canada.

If elected, I am always open to your suggestions on how to improve in my role. After all, my role is to represent YOU within the Canadian medical student community! Thank you for your time! 🙂

3 key points

  1. Increasing collaboration with other medical schools in Quebec.
  2. Addressing your concerns and interests to the FMEQ. 
  3. Improving engagement among members of the faculty.

Hi everyone! I’m Josh and I’m excited to be running for the VP External (Québec) position. My goal is to better our experience as Quebec medical students. Here are a few key points about my campaign and why you should vote for me.

Making Connections: Whether it’s making new friends at the annual FMEQ party or while out and about, I love meeting students from other medical schools. As your go-to liaison to other med school societies, I’ll increase dialogue and collaboration with these faculties. I hope to bring us closer together and address the challenges we all face. 

Speaking Up for Us: As a VP External, I’ll be sure to effectively communicate our interests within the FMEQ and other Quebec organizations. My years of experience in Model UN, public speaking competitions and as VP Communications in the Med-P student council will help me amplify your voice at the provincial level. I’ll be sure our needs take center stage.

Engagement: In addition to advocating for our needs, I am dedicated to being a receptive listener. I’m eager to hear from each one of you, whether in person or via DM, and address your individual needs. I am also committed to keeping our community informed about updates from the FMEQ and other provincial organizations, ensuring that everyone remains engaged and well-informed.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns

3 key points

  1. Transparency: I am dedicated to fostering transparency within our student council’s financial decisions. It’s imperative that every student comprehends the purpose and consequences of our monetary allocations, empowering us to construct a more robust and accountable council.
  2. Collaboration: Collaboration isn’t merely an option; it’s our most valuable resource. By uniting our efforts, we can effectively serve the collective welfare of our student body. Together, we have the ability to maximize the impact of every dollar spent.
  3. Financial Engagement: I pledge to transform financial management into an engaging experience. It’s not solely about responsibility; it’s about infusing excitement into our council’s initiatives and enhancing our shared experiences. Let’s ensure that every financial decision adds vibrancy to our endeavours and enriches our memories.

Hi everyone, 

My name is Leonaes Brahel Tatchinda Kuete #Leo. It is a privilege for me to be in this cohort, and I greatly value the opportunity to become the next MSS VP-Finance. I will be honoured to represent all of our interests on this council, and I am ready to endorse the financial responsibilities of this position by promoting financial discipline, transparency, and effective budget management. My accounting and managerial skills, which I gained through diverse life experiences, will accompany me in my duties.

At 14, I joined the YMCA Saint-Laurent’s cooperative youth service as a member and treasurer, overseeing budgeting, financial records, fundraising, and reporting during weekly assemblies. By 19, I assumed the role of program coordinator for two years, facilitating daily planning, managing group funds, and fostering teamwork among teenagers.

I further honed my accounting and management abilities through personal finance management and entrepreneurship. Implementing strategic monthly budgeting and cash flow optimization techniques, I founded Tuto-Succès, a tutoring company, three years ago. As the sole manager, I oversee all operational and financial facets of the organization. 

Additionally, due to my parents’ employment abroad, I assume responsibility for managing my family’s monthly finances. From tracking grocery expenses to mortgage payments, I meticulously monitor all expenditures using tools like Excel to ensure financial stability and accountability.

In my role as VP-Finance, I am committed to prioritizing inclusivity, transparency, and collaboration. I will provide regular financial reports to council members and advocate for their inclusion in our weekly info MDCM to avoid overwhelming you with tons of emails. Your input will be invaluable, and I will actively seek your opinions and feedback through various channels, ensuring that your voices are heard in financial matters. I will collaborate with the council to ensure that funds are allocated to projects that benefit our student body, boosting our academic and extracurricular experiences

Together, let’s work towards establishing a financially healthy atmosphere within our organization, where every dollar is maximized to benefit our student body. I am dedicated to fostering financial responsibility, transparency, and efficient budget administration, and I humbly ask for your support in the upcoming elections.

Vote for Leo as your next MSS VP-Finance!

3 key points

  1. Enhancing Academic Life and Support
  2. Strengthening Student Representation on Key Committees
  3. Building Community and Mentorship

Running for Vice President, Education, I am committed to elevating the academic experience at McGill for medical students through targeted improvements. My platform is built on enhancing academic life, ensuring robust student representation, and a new focus on fostering community and mentorship within the medical faculty.

Core Objectives

  1. Enhancing Academic Life and Support

Develop and introduce initiatives aimed at overcoming academic challenges, such as diversified learning materials and academic workshops, to foster professional growth.

Regularly gather student feedback to refine and adapt academic programs, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of the medical student community.

  1. Strengthening Student Representation on Key Committees

Ensure active and meaningful student representation on the MDCM Program Committee and other essential academic committees, with a focus on both the Outaouais and Montreal campuses.

Maintain open communication channels between students, the MSS, and faculty committees to ensure student perspectives are valued in decision-making processes.

  1. Building Community and Mentorship

Launch a mentorship program to connect junior medical students with seniors, fostering a supportive community and facilitating academic and professional development.

Organize networking events and inter-faculty exchange programs to enhance collaboration, share knowledge, and build a stronger medical student community.

Focusing on these key areas, I aim to create a more supportive, inclusive, and enriching academic environment for all McGill medical students. Together, we can achieve significant progress in enhancing academic support, ensuring our voices are heard, and building a vibrant medical student community. Let’s work together towards a fulfilling and successful journey in medical education.

3 key points

  1. Addressing student needs by serving as a liaison with faculty, expanding support programs, and ensuring transparent communication.
  2. Enhancing small group experiences entails updating curricula, providing faculty training, and incorporating diverse perspectives.
  3. Bridging theory and clinical application through increased case-based learning and interdisciplinary collaboration

As Vice President of Education, I envision a dynamic platform that focuses on bridging the gap between theory and clinical application, fostering transparent communication with faculty to address student needs, and enhancing the small group learning experience to ensure cultural appropriateness and alignment with classroom teachings. Here’s a detailed overview of it:

  1. Bridging Theory and Clinical Application

Increasing case-based learning approaches where students apply theoretical concepts to real-world patient scenarios under faculty guidance (e.g. sim center, physical exam session in hospital setting with specialist)

Foster interdisciplinary collaboration between basic science and clinical faculty to ensure a comprehensive understanding of medical concepts and their practical implications.

Encourage faculty and students to participate in scholarly research and quality improvement projects focused on medical education, promoting a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

  1. Addressing Student Needs and Continuous Evaluation and Improvement:

Serve as a liaison between the student body and administration, advocating for student needs and driving positive change.

Continue implementing and increase the visibility and access to student support programs, including academic counseling, peer mentoring, and wellness initiatives, to address academic challenges and promote holistic student development.

Ensuring transparent Communication with Faculty and students by ensuring that I will be available and respond in a timely manner. 

  1. Enhancing Small Group Experience:

Review and update small group curricula to ensure alignment with classroom teachings and relevance to clinical practice.

Provide faculty with resources and training on facilitating small group discussions that promote active learning, critical thinking, and cultural sensitivity.

Incorporate diverse perspectives and case studies into small group sessions to ensure cultural appropriateness and sensitivity.

In conclusion, my platform for Vice President of Medical Education aims to optimize medical education by promoting better cohesion between theory and clinical application, fostering transparent communication with faculty, addressing student needs, and enhancing the small group learning experience. Thank you for considering my application and looking forward to work with you!

Naomie Gamondele

3 key points

  1. Accessibility: Prioritizing access to educational resources for all medical students, regardless of financial constraints, through negotiation of licenses, subsidies, collaborations, and improved information dissemination.
  2. Adaptability to Change: Committed to helping students navigate curriculum changes by amplifying voices, organizing workshops, and establishing open communication channels for seamless adaptation.
  3. Professional Development: Enhancing research opportunities, networking events, mentorship, and clerkship workshops to empower students in their medical careers.

Hi everyone! My name is Taliah Hyjazie, and I’m thrilled to announce my candidacy for Vice-President of Medical Education. From the first year to the final stretch of Med-4, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to being your unwavering advocate, amplifying your voices before the faculty, and spearheading initiatives through the Medical Education Committee. Education has always been my passion in parallel to my passion for medicine. Before embarking on my medical school journey, I dedicated six years to the International/Indigenous Language Program at the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB). It is within this dynamic environment that I cultivated a deep understanding of curriculum development, program organization, and optimization. I not only gained insights into educational frameworks but also learnt how to foster an inclusive learning environment in which all student’s potential could flourish. 

As your MSS VP Medical Education, I will ensure to prioritize the following throughout my mandate: 

  1. Accessibility: 

I am committed to improving access to essential resources that often come at a cost. No student should face financial barriers to accessing educational tools like Osmosis, BootCamp, AMBOSS, or OnlineMedEd (or even more storage on Onedrive or iCloud). I intend to pursue multiple avenues for resolving this, including actively engaging in negotiating institutional licenses for these educational supplements, exploring opportunities for subsidies or sponsorships from external organizations, collaborating with libraries, or simply improving the dissemination of information about funding opportunities and scholarships available for medical students. 

  1. Adaptability to change:

In light of the changes we are expecting within the FMD curriculum, I am committed to helping students navigate these changes seamlessly. Through enhancing feedback mechanisms to amplify student voices, orchestrating supportive workshops led by upper-year students, and fostering open communication channels between students and stakeholders. I firmly believe that adaptability and resilience are pivotal for growth and advancement. While challenges may arise, I am fully prepared to confront them with unwavering confidence and determination. 

  1. Professional development opportunities:

I am dedicated to enhancing professional development opportunities for students. To achieve this, I will employ a multifaceted approach. First, I will work closely with stakeholders to identify and expand research opportunities and provide opportunities to solidify knowledge of medical research (e.g. How to develop a search term, data analysis basics, etc.). Second, I would like to increase access to networking events and mentorship opportunities so that students can expand their professional networks and explore various areas of medicine. Lastly, through implementing workshops aimed at optimizing performance during clerkship. These workshops will include immersive experiences such as EMR boot camps, lectures on clinical reasoning, and hands-on sessions to enhance practical skills essential for your success in clerkship.

I view this role as a chance to channel our collective dreams and aspirations into tangible action. I promise through this role to foster an environment within our faculty in which every one of us thrives and flourishes, creating a legacy for years to come. Thank you for taking the time to read this platform. If there are any additional concerns, ideas, or questions you would like me to address, please don’t hesitate to reach out (I promise I don’t bite)! Your feedback/input is invaluable to me, and I look forward to getting to know you all better as we work together to shape the future of our medical school community. 

P.S: Finding a photo of myself alone was a STRUGGLE! So, I guess you get a photo of me with my parents will have to do (they are much cuter to look at anyways)!

3 key points

  1. Promote mixers between faculties to foster connections with students from various academic backgrounds
  2. Organize up-to-date events reflecting current trends and monthly census on student preferences
  3. Prioritize creating a comfortable and inclusive environment within the MSS society

Hey, how’s it going everyone? My name is Roy, and I am excited to be running for the position of Vice President, Social Affairs within McGill’s Medical Students Society (MSS).

About Me:

A little bit about me and my past experiences. I am currently a Med-1 and did my undergrad and Master’s here at McGill, and I was quite involved with the student society. For instance, I was the founder and the president of Fantasy Sports for Charity Club. We organized several sports-oriented social events, such as a Super Bowl watch party, football draft party, etc. So I am quite familiar with the process of applying for funding from McGill, getting insurance for the event, and getting an alcohol license. 

Moreover, I was the clubs and services coordinator for the McGill Science Undergraduate Society, which gave me a more in-depth understanding of how the event planning process works. I am also McGill server trained, which is required for applying for an event on campus that needs an alcohol license.

My journey has also seen me serve as the VP Social for various groups, including the McGill CIS group, where we orchestrated impactful networking events and engaging social gatherings. Furthermore, as a member of the social committee of IPN GSAN, I contributed to orchestrating a myriad of vibrant social and wellness activities for the graduate neuroscience student society, ranging from the GSAN Gala to themed mixers like St. Paddy’s Day gatherings, Valentine’s Day cookie decorating events, and International Potluck.

Lastly, my involvement as an alumnus of the Phi Kappa Pi Fraternity underscored my proficiency in the art of party planning and hosting within the McGill community. Drawing from this rich tapestry of experiences, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role, ensuring a seamless and enriching social landscape for our community.

Looking forward, here are a couple of ideas that I envision we could do:

My Candidacy platform centers around three main points:

  1. Mixers – If I have learned anything from IPEA 500, it is that we need to take part in more inter-faculty mixers to facilitate interdisciplinary teamwork spirits. Therefore, I aim to organize more mixers events to foster meaningful connections with students from other faculties and schools, such as McGill nursing, management, and UdeM Medicine. 
  2. Current Events – It is also my priority to organize up-to-date events that follow current trends. For instance, I would like to host holiday-themed parties, sports (Super Bowl, Grey Cup, Stanley Cup, etc.) watch parties, and TV show (The Bachelor, Love Island) watch parties to allow like-minded McGillians to connect and mingle. Most importantly, I would like to send out monthly forms to gather consensus from the student body on the most highly anticipated events and event ideas.
  3. Wellness and Advocacy – It is my utmost priority to facilitate a comfortable and inclusive environment for the entire MSS society. Social events are not just parties. I aim to collaborate with the wellness team, other MSS executives, and the rest of the student body to organize events that cater to everybody. For instance, cookie decorating wellness events, Movember fundraisers, awareness events, and more.

3 key points

  1. Facilitate inclusivity by encouraging as many students to participate in MSS events. For example, by making events as budget friendly as possible 
  2. With my experience as having a similar position as VP Social Affairs during my undergrad, help to elevate and improve social events hosted by MSS with the help of my knowledge of different venues, events, organizations etc. For example, for Frosh look into having a scavenger hunt, boat day etc.
    ♪ \(´。`˵)/♪
  3. Inquire about students’ anonymous feedback on different MSS events, in order to improve and create unforgettable memories each time.

Hello everyone! My name is Sepi and I am thrilled to be running for a Vice President, Social Affairs position within McGill’s Medical Students Society (MSS). 

My candidacy platform centers around three main points:

  1. Community Building: I will organize events to make lasting memories and foster connections with people in our faculty, as well as other faculties and schools. For many, enjoying events such as Internos and MedGames is an important part of the McGill Medical School experience. As a VP Social Affairs candidate, I am committed to promoting a sense of belonging in our community to enhance student wellness, which will also help us on our paths to becoming more empathetic and personable healthcare workers. A little birdie told me that it is your friends who get you through medical school! 
  2. Advocacy: I will create safe, accessible spaces for everyone in our community to feel welcome to our events. I believe a key component to advocacy is being proactive. I will promote policies that facilitate a supportive environment for underrepresented groups, develop fundraising initiatives to lower financial burdens, and be mindful of accommodations (such as dietary).
  3. Teamwork: I will collaborate with other MSS executives and the rest of student body to ensure that medical students’ needs and interests are well-represented through the council. I will consistently encourage feedback from others through various platforms and communicate transparently. (Do I want to form an alliance with you? Absolutely. Absolutely I do.)

In case you wanted to know a little more about me outside of my platform: I immigrated to Canada when I was five years old, and mainly grew up in Toronto. I attended the University of Toronto for my undergraduate and graduate studies, where I double majored in Biochemistry and Physiology, and pursued an MSc in Nutritional Sciences. Now, I am a Med-1, and I am grateful and excited to spend at least three more years in Montreal with lovely friends.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blurb! If you have any questions or suggestions, or just want to chat, please feel free to message me on facebook (@sepinoodle) or send me an email (

Hi everyone! I hope you all had an amazing spring break!

My name is Ange (he/him), a first-year medical student at McGill Montreal Campus and it’s with great excitement that I’m running for MSS VP Social.

My goals are to continue the amazing work that the MSS has been doing to unite us all and nourish out feeling of belonging to the McGill Medicine family, while also bringing in some novelty. My objectives for this position are to organize events that will promote diversity, inclusivity, wellness, and a sense of community.  I also want to be able to provide the opportunity for you to enjoy your time in med school by sharing and creating new memories.

Let me share some of the ideas that I have towards achieving my goals:

 I would like to create a Wine & Cheese event to reinforce our McGill Medical Society community. This event would be a great networking opportunity between the different cohorts whether M1, M2, M3, or M4 (+ maybe residents). This would be an opportunity to deepen the friendship and mentorship between cohorts, but also one to share experiences and to support each other. As all of us will be going through med school together, no one else other than our community is better suited to understand and support each and every one of us.

As for wellness, the safety and comfort of everyone within the MSS, these are   also important for me, so I want to organize events that would be inclusive but also diverse. I want to organize a variety of activities that would help you connect with others but also unwind from our busy schedules. For example, I would like to organize a fashion show, a tailgate, a Tea Club event, a masquerade-themed ball.

Make sure to check out my classmates, Roy Shi’s and Sepi Moj’s platforms as well, for all the great ideas that they would like to bring to the you from the MSS as well!

To conclude I wish to share a quote that I hope I will be able to help you live up to if I were to be the next MSS VP Social:

“Work Hard, Play Harder.”

Thank you for your support and your trust.



Salut tout le monde! J’espère que vous avez tous passé de merveilleuses vacances pendant la semaine de relâche!

Je m’appelle Ange (il/lui), je suis un étudiant en première année de médecine au Campus McGill de Montréal et c’est avec beaucoup d’enthousiasme que je me présente au poste de vice-président social MSS.

Mes objectifs sont de poursuivre le travail formidable que la MSS accomplit pour nous unir tous et nourrir notre sentiment d’appartenance à la famille de médecine à McGill, tout en y apportant un peu de nouveauté. Mes objectifs pour ce poste sont d’organiser des événements qui favoriseront la diversité, l’inclusion, le bien-être et le sentiment d’appartenance à la communauté de McGill Med. Je veux également pouvoir vous offrir l’opportunité de partager et de créer des nouveaux souvenir durant votre parcours en médecine.

Voici quelques exemples d’idées que j’ai afin d’atteindre mes objectifs:

 J’aimerais créer un événement de Vins et Fromages pour renforcer notre communauté de la Société médicale de McGill. Cet événement serait une belle opportunité de réseautage entre les différentes cohortes qu’elles soient M1, M2, M3 ou M4 (+ peut-être des résidents). Ce serait l’occasion d’approfondir l’amitié et le mentorat entre les cohortes, mais aussi de partager des expériences et de se soutenir mutuellement. Comme nous allons tous faire nos études de médecine ensemble, personne d’autre que notre communauté n’est mieux placée pour comprendre et soutenir chacun d’entre nous.

Quant au bien-être, la sécurité et le confort de chacun au sein du MSS, ce sont également des enjeux importants pour moi, je souhaite donc organiser des événements qui seraient inclusifs mais aussi diversifiés. Je souhaite organiser une variété d’activités qui vous aideraient à vous connecter avec les autres mais aussi à vous détendre après nos horaires chargés. Par exemple, j’aimerais organiser un défilé de mode, un tailgate, un événement Tea Club, un bal sur le thème d’une mascarade.

Assurez-vous également de consulter les plateformes de mes camarades de classe, Roy Shi et Sepi Moj, pour toutes les bonnes idées qu’ils aimeraient également vous apporter du MSS !

Pour conclure, je souhaite partager une citation que j’espère pouvoir vous aider à étreindre si je devais être le prochain vice-président social de MSS :

« Work hard, play harder »

Merci pour votre soutien et votre confiance.


3 key points

  1. Create an environment of support and inclusivity, empowering students to thrive academically and personally.
  2. Host wellness workshops in partnership with local organizations aimed at relaxation, self-expression, and interpersonal bonding.
  3. Champion student wellness to faculty and staff, taking into account the diverse perspectives and lived experiences of students.

Hi everyone!

My name is Chloë and I’m excited to be running for Vice-President Wellness. As a passionate advocate for student wellbeing and work-life balance, I’m eager to contribute to wellness initiatives in our community. While medical school is designed to challenge us, it’s important that we create an environment where students feel supported and empowered to thrive both academically and personally. I hope to strive for this through advocating for student wellness to faculty and staff in collaboration with the MSS Wellness committee and hosting wellness workshops aimed at relaxation, self-expression, and interpersonal bonding. 

My priorities are the following: 

Promote mental health awareness and support

Building on past experiences as a member of the undergraduate mental health advocacy committee, I hope to continue to expand access to counselling services and advocate for student wellness to faculty and staff when it comes to policies and scheduling. Importantly, I will conduct an initial survey and then regularly engage student perspectives to better understand the specific wellness challenges and preferences of our community.  

Foster physical well-being

One of the best ways to de-stress is to move our bodies, and I plan on finding ways to make this more accessible and affordable for our student body. This includes collaborating with the rest of the MSS events team and local fitness centers on discounted group classes and hosting our own fitness and nutrition workshops to inspire healthier choices. As the weather is getting warmer, I also hope to arrange a spring wellness hiking trip to provide students with the therapeutic benefits of the outdoors.

Build a culture of support and inclusivity

Our fellow students play an invaluable role in fostering wellness within our community, often providing a source of understanding, empathy, and support. I hope to continue building the peer support programs and creating safe spaces for open dialogue and discussion on wellness-related topics.  For example, launching social media pages for “Humans of McGill Medicine and Dentistry” to share our stories, experiences, and even photos of our loved pets.

Enhance work-life balance

Since medical school is a marathon and not a sprint, I plan on advocating for flexible scheduling and ensuring there are adequate resources for stress management and burnout prevention. Offering workshops focusing on art and creative outlets such as painting, dance classes, and other expressive arts are also a great way to promote relaxation and stress relief.

3 key points

  1. One of my goals as VP Wellness would be to allow for open and transparent communication by acting as a liaison between students and the MSS, as well as between students and the administration. I will advocate for you and represent you to the best of my ability. 
  2. I also aim to create a supportive and nurturing environment where mental health is taken seriously and prioritized. This can be done through workshops, physical activities, zootherapy sessions, and many other initiatives! 
  3. Finally, I want to ensure your opinions and needs are considered and heard when decisions regarding wellness are made as well as put in place initiatives that will truly benefit you and have a positive impact on your experience.  

Hi everyone! My name is Noha Benharira and I am currently in Med-1. I am very excited to be running for the position of VP Wellness this spring. As you all know, medical school is not an easy feat, and it truly is crucial for us to prioritize our wellbeing as to excel academically, to offer our best to the patients we see, and simply to continue enjoying this amazing journey. I pride myself in being a pretty optimistic person and in spreading positivity around me, and I have always been an advocate of taking care of our mental health and of helping ourselves before we can help others amongst my loved ones. Therefore, it would be my honor to extend this role by taking on the position of VP Wellness in the MSS council. 

I am well aware that wellness looks different for everyone. For me, it often looks like getting a sweet treat before settling down to study, or an evening of journaling. For you, it might look like a 5k run or cuddling with your dog. Whatever your definition of wellness might be, I am certain that by staying attentive to your feedback and your needs as the year goes on, I will be able to offer activities and support tailored to you. No matter what it looks like for you, please be ensured that your wellbeing and happiness are at the center of my platform. I aim to promote mental health services available at McGill and to help you navigate what can often be a complicated network when trying to reach out for help. 

While we, as a society, are getting better on that front, mental health is still so stigmatized in some spheres, which is why I vow to work towards making everyone feel welcome to reach out to the necessary resources without fear of judgement or repercussions. I also want to promote stress management through workshops, physical activities, mindfulness sessions, or other initiatives to help us make medical school a little more enjoyable and a little less stressful. I am also a huge advocate of finding a study/work-life balance that will fulfill you while allowing you to grow as a person outside of medicine, and I hope this will shine through my actions as VP wellness. 

If you’ve made it this far, I simply want to conclude by adding that if elected, I will actively work to represent students of all classes when it comes to adding wellness to our curriculum, and to ensure that we all have the chance to take care of ourselves, because as we all know, we need to put on our own oxygen masks first before we can start helping others around us!

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform! 

3 key points

  1. 1. Integrated Wellness: Embed wellness into academics and extracurricular activities for lasting change and faculty-wide engagement.
  2. 2. Accessible Fitness: Provide affordable fitness options through outdoor activities and partnerships, prioritizing physical health for all.
  3. 3. Community Support: Strengthen peer networks to ensure no student feels isolated, in order to foster a supportive academic community.

Hi everyone! 

My name is Sophie-Andrée, and I’m thrilled to present myself as a candidate for Vice-President Wellness.

My goal is to promote the mental and physical health of our student body, recognizing the intrinsic link between well-being and academic success. Drawing from my background in psychology and cognitive neuroscience, coupled with my current role as a Med-1 representative on the Medical Student Wellness committee, I am deeply dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages both personal and professional growth.

Platform Objectives:

1. Holistic Wellness Advocacy: My objective is to integrate wellness seamlessly into the fabric of our academic and extracurricular activities. Rather than relying solely on individual events like wellness days, I will focus on creating long-lasting change. I also hope to bring openness and a free flow of communication between the student body, the MSS, and the WELL office.

2. Inclusive Physical Activities: Gyms can be pricey, am I right? Acknowledging the financial constraints faced by many students, I endeavor to make physical fitness more accessible through innovative solutions. This may involve organizing outdoor group activities, creating student-led fitness challenges, or exploring partnerships with local fitness resources. 

3. Strengthening Peer Support: Central to my vision is the cultivation of robust peer support networks. By bolstering existing initiatives and exploring new avenues for connection, I aim to foster a sense of community wherein students feel supported and empowered to navigate the rigors of their academic journey together. Whether it’s through mentorship programs or buddy systems, let’s make sure nobody feels like they’re going through it alone!

4. Strategic Representation: I firmly believe mental and physical wellness is crucial for our well-being and our future as healthcare professionals. With this in mind, I will diligently advocate for student wellness at the Standing Academic Committee. By articulating the perspectives and needs of our student body, I aim to ensure that decisions made at this level are aligned with our collective well-being. Putting wellness first isn’t just a nice idea – it’s a must-have for a thriving student body.

5. Faculty-wide Engagement: Last but not least, let’s spread the wellness love far and wide! I hope to foster widespread engagement with wellness initiatives across both campuses and to engage continuously with students to ensure wellness initiatives are tailored to the needs of the student body. 

Let’s work together to prioritize wellness in all facets of student life and create a supportive environment where everyone can thrive!

Thank you for your support and consideration!


3 key points

  1. Organize a wide variety of fun events that represent the interests of the class.
  2. Continue collaborating other members of our class council (eg. treasurer) for fundraising events to continue supporting an agenda that serves the class.
  3. Ensure open communication to understand the class’s needs and social interests while representing and advocating for them at general council meetings.

Hey everyone!

I’m thrilled to be re-running for Class (Social) Representative as part of our council as we enter Med-2. Throughout Med-1, I had the immense pleasure of taking part in our council to help organize a variety of different social events for our class. From Halloween apartment crawls to Cathcart’s 5 à 7, we’ve been able to deliver a variety of events and experiences.

Throughout Med-2, my priorities will be to continue organizing events celebrating milestones and achievements (eg. block parties, end of FMD ball, and between TCP events), promoting cohesion and unity among our class, wellness activities, and fundraising events that are fun, engaging, and with something for everyone to enjoy.

I hope to accomplish these goals with the following:


As we’ll embark in transition of Med-2, from FMD to TCP, we’ll have a variety of milestones to celebrate like the end of FMD ball. I’m excited to take part in continuing these traditions, while expanding the scope of events that represent the diverse interests of our class where everyone feels welcomed and included, and with elements for everyone to enjoy. As we begin TCP begin rotations in separate sites, organizing events that are engaging is a crucial step towards maintaining cohesion among our class. 


Having various forms of communication in place is critical to ensuring that our events are supported by the interests of the class while continuously working towards improvements. I want to ensure our council remains open to connecting with the class to discuss any suggestions, ideas, or initiatives that can be supported by our class council. Furthermore, I want to continue collaborating with the incoming council members (eg. class treasurer) to continue supporting the organization of events that raise funds and support increases to our budget and organize as many different experiences as possible and activities in the interest of the class.


Alongside the other members of our class council, I hope to capture the needs, views, and social interests of our class using various communication platforms, like suggestion/feedback forms, surveys, and direct messaging. Most importantly, ensuring to share and advocate for these interests accurately and effectively at general council meetings. Following these meetings, ensuring active announcements to the class about updates that impact social events and activities. 

At the end of the day, as we transition from FMD to TCP, my ultimate goal is to ensure we have activities and events that remain a space where we can actively relax, socialize, and enjoy our time together as the whole class of 2027.

Thank you and please feel free to connect with me at for any questions or suggestions!

3 key points

  1. Organizing inclusive and accessible events for all M2 students such that ticket prices and time conflicts are not what will stop you from attending an event.
  2. Organizing multiple free lunches or providing snacks for M2 students during and/or between classes throughout the semesters to encourage mingling between students, but also to try and soften the financial burden of purchasing food.
  3. Organizing themed block parties and post-exam activities to give us all a chance to decompress after racking our brains during block exams!

Bonjour hi everyone! My name is Wan-Li. I go by she/her pronouns and I am stoked to announce my candidacy for Med-2 Class Rep!

I have always loved being involved with student groups, because not only do I get to plan activities that you and I both get to enjoy, I also get to know about you guys, and about what interests you that much better!

Last year as VP External for my undergraduate student council, I got to plan all sorts of interdepartmental events like galas, BBQs, apartments crawls and other kinds of themed parties – something I would like to continue doing this year! At the end of each block, depending on the season or on the upcoming holiday, if I am elected, I will make sure that we have an event or some sort of gathering to be able to vent and to decompress post-exam. 

I also want to prioritize accessibility and to be mindful of the financial burden of events, but also just of life as a student. I plan on working with the treasurer to keep aside a couple of tickets to more costly events, so that people who would have otherwise not attended due to ticket prices can come. 

Additionally, I think that being hungry is a great way to loss focus during class and during the day. And especially with cafeteria food being quite expensive, I hope to organize some free lunches a couple times per semester AND to have snacks and coffee available for students to grab at all times, ideally in the Annex.

Please feel free to reach out to me via Messenger if you have any suggestions or questions or ideas! I would love to hear them, and to hear from you! Thank you!

3 key points

  1. Strengthening community: Collaborating with council members to organize activities fostering bonds and personal growth, while expanding opportunities through partnerships within and beyond McGill.
  2. Amplifying voices: Ensuring accessibility to resources, voicing concerns, and cultivating inclusivity to create a safe and supportive environment for all.
  3. Enhancing transparency and advocacy: Implementing regular updates, facilitating anonymous feedback, and advocating for logistical improvements to streamline our learning experience, all while maintaining open communication with the administration.

Hello dear classmates! 

As we navigate the challenging yet rewarding journey of medical school together, I’ve come to cherish the profound sense of community that permeates our cohort. In the first few months alone, we’ve encountered hurdles, celebrated victories, and most importantly, forged bonds that extend beyond the classroom. It’s this very sense of togetherness that inspires me to step forward and offer my candidacy for the role of Med-2 Class President.

I envision collaborative efforts with our council members to organize activities and events that not only bond us as medical students but also foster personal growth. By leveraging existing associations within and outside of McGill, I aim to expand opportunities for us to learn, connect, and thrive. Communication is key to unity, and as someone who has already established relationships with upper years as a med-1 VP-Social, I’m committed to ensuring resources are readily accessible. I want to amplify our voices, ensuring every concern is heard and addressed. Creating a safe, inclusive space where each of us can realize our full potential is paramount to me. To facilitate communication, I propose weekly updates and checklists to keep us on track. These creatively styled weekly updates will hold different sections from academic, to “good deals and plans”; all the important information as well as survival tips from upper years tailored to the current situation. Additionally, I would love to advocate for more study spaces and anonymous avenues for feedback, ensuring no voice goes unheard. Transparent communication with the administration will be a cornerstone of my presidency, advocating for better logistics to streamline our learning experience and prevent issues encountered in Med-1 lectures. These include the recordings, the duration of lectures, the material availability, and having an FAQ for each bloc/rotation.  

My background as a student mentor, health content creator, and liaison officer equips me with the necessary skills—listening, problem-solving, communication, and strategic planning—to effectively serve as your president. But above all, it’s my unwavering dedication, shown through various avenues (Q-banks, social media page, etc) to our collective success that drives me forward.

Together, we can work toward a great experience during medical school. I’m excited about the possibility of leading us on this journey, and I humbly ask for your trust and support in realizing our shared vision.

3 key points

  1. Maintain academic support for students – Establish the role of the academic rep in Med-2, and act as liaison between the student body, the faculty, and UGME. 
  2. Advocate for students’ needs – With the end of FMD, RAC and TCP, Med-2 will be a year of great change!
  3. Foster class engagement – Celebrate our milestones – the White Coat Ceremony, the end of FMD, and the end of TCP!

Hi everyone! Bonjour à tous! 

My name is Gabriel Berberi, and I am very excited to announce that I’m running for Med-2 Class President! Over the course of this past year, I’ve had the chance to meet many of you, and it was a great pleasure to get to know you all! It would be an honor for me to act as Med-2 president for the upcoming academic year, and to continue to establish a connection with the class!

Vision for Med-2:

  1. Maintain academic support for students
  • The year of Med-2 is arguably going to be more challenging than Med-1 because of the many changes we will be going through. From FMD to TCP, we will have to be on top of the game!
  • Like many students in the class, I found the role of academic rep to be incredibly useful and resourceful this past year. It helped me stay organized and not miss anything. Unfortunately, we have no academic rep in Med-2!
  • As class president, I will be happy to take on this role. I will keep the weekly updates, maintain a strong relationship with block leaders and make sure the class stays organized.
  • Clear and effective communication are important values that I stand by and will continue to stand by as class president.
  1. Advocate for student needs
    • Med-2 will be a year of great change, with the end of FMD-2, RAC, and TCP, we will be going through a lot.
    • My goal as president is to establish a trusting relationship with the class and the UGME administration so we can have a smooth experience in Med-2
    • Leveraging my connections with upper-year students and mentors, I aim to proactively identify potential issues and work towards preventing them through advocacy and communication. I am committed to being approachable and accessible to all students in our class. Together, we will overcome any obstacles 
  2. Foster class engagement
    • Going through all the blocks this year has been challenging, yet also very rewarding.
    • In Med-2, we will encounter even more significant milestones, including the white coat ceremony, the completion of FMD, and the conclusion of TCP!
    • As class president, I am committed to collaborating closely with the class council to ensure that our accomplishments are celebrated and tailored according to our needs and goals.
    • I firmly believe that it is crucial for our class to come together to celebrate these pivotal moments and forge enduring memories that will be cherished in the years to come!

Why vote for Gabriel?

  1. Leadership 
  • Even before medical school, I have always been involved in my community. I bring a wealth of leadership experience from my involvement in various extracurricular activities and community initiatives. I am excited to apply my leadership and collaboration skills to serve as an advocate for our student body! 
  1. Commitment to collaboration 
  • Despite not having experience being part of the MSS, I’ve had the chance of being involved in several MSS clubs, such as the Emergency Medicine Interest Group, the Spanish Clinical Skills Club, etc. These experiences have taught me a lot about how the MSS operates and runs, and I will be able to use those skills as Med-2 Class President.
  • Moreover, throughout this past year, I’ve had the chance to meet upper year mentors on class council and the MSS who can guide me in this new role. I’m sure that there is a lot for me to learn, but I’m looking forward to collaborating with my peers, the student body and the faculty to make sure we all get an incredible Med-2 experience!
  1. Accessible, approachable, and honest 
  • Accessibility, approachability, and honesty are big personality traits of mine! Although I may not know all of you, I am confident that I convey those principles in my everyday interactions, whether in school or outside.
  • I am committed to being accessible, approachable, and transparent with the entire student body. Whether you have questions, concerns, or ideas for improvement, I am here to listen and support you. Your feedback and input are going to be invaluable in shaping our shared journey through medical school.

Looking forward to another amazing year with the class of 2027!

Gabriel Berberi 

3 key points

3 key points

  1. Creating Inclusive Social Events for Everyone
  2. Listening to Your Ideas and Collaborating to Make Them Happen
  3. Keeping the Calendar Packed All Year Round

Hey everyone! I’m Saruchi, and I’m thrilled to throw my hat in the ring for the Med 3 Class Representative spot this coming year. After giving it some thought, I’ve decided it’s time to make a real difference for all of us in our busy lives. As someone who’s grown up here and loves bringing people together, I think we can really make our next phase in med school something special. With clerkship on the horizon and our workload about to ramp up, we’re all in for some busy times. But I’m here to ensure we find ways to relax, have fun, and keep connected. Whether it’s a quick coffee break, a scenic hike, or a chill game night, I’m all in for organizing events that help us unwind and enjoy our journey together. Here’s how I plan to do it:

  1. Creating Inclusive Social Events for Everyone: Being a local has its perks, and I want to use my knowledge of our city to bring us together through a variety of activities that appeal to everyone. From the classics that we all know and love to some new and exciting ventures, I’m eager to plan events that’ll make our med school experience unforgettable. Think city-wide scavenger hunts, cozy movie nights, and maybe even some volunteer opportunities to give back as a group.
  2. Listening to Your Ideas and Collaborating to Make Them Happen: Your input is what will make our year great. I’m here to listen and work with you and the council to turn your ideas into reality. If there’s something specific you want to do or see happen, let’s chat. I’m all ears and ready to support our collective vision for a fantastic year.
  3. Keeping the Calendar Packed All Year Round: I want to make sure there’s always something on the horizon for us to look forward to. Whether it’s something laid-back after a big exam or a fun activity planned during a break, I’ll strive to keep our social calendar full with events that cater to our diverse interests and schedules.

Let’s make this year not just about surviving med school but thriving through it together. With your support, we can build a year filled with memories, support, and fun. Let’s get started!

3 key points

  1. Assuring the organization VARIOUS and NEW social gatherings INCLUSIVE to all
  2. LISTENING to your proposals and work with you guys and the rest of the council to make
  3. Ensuring AVAILABILITY through the whole year of multiple social events throughout the whole year

Hello everyone. My name is Randy and I’m glad to say that I’ll be running for the Med 3 Class Representative position for the upcoming year. I’ve hesitated for a while now to put my name in for this position but I think it’s about time that I give it a shot. As you may know I’m all about being laid back, bringing people together, taking breaks and organizing social gatherings. We’re about to start clerkship in a couple of months and our workload and responsibilities will definitely go through the roof. Hard times are ahead of us but I want to make sure that we all have an opportunity to decompress and simmer down to make this next step of our education more enjoyable whether it’s through playing bowling with your peers, going for drink with your buddies or just simply reuniting with your long lost friends that you haven’t seen for a while because of clerkship. To make all of the above happen I will be focusing on these following 3 main points:

  1. Assuring the organization VARIOUS and NEW social gatherings INCLUSIVE to all

As your future class representative, I look forward to organizing and promoting a wide variety social events for our class. I’m originally not from Montreal but the years I’ve spent here in this city have allowed me to discover and gain ideas for different things can organize as a class. Some of them have already been done in the previous years and will be planned again, but others will be new activities that I would like to try out with you guys. Example of events will be Bowling Night, Cathcart 5à7, summer Picnic, outdoor skating night and many more! Stay tuned!

  1. LISTENING to your proposals and work with you guys and the rest of the council to make your recommendations happen

I may have a lot of ideas in mind but I will also need your advice and suggestions to make sure we have vast array of events. I’m all ears with you guys and ready to make your ideas work. If ever you guys have questions or specific demands on a possible activity you want to try out, don’t hesitate to message me.

  1. Ensuring AVAILABILITY through the whole year of multiple social events

I want to make sure that activities are readily available for anybody willing to engage into them. I’ll make sure to still have activities organized after each exam. But I would love to have some events organized in between as well for the people who cannot make it sometimes right after the exam day.

 I’m counting on your support to make this year memorable! GO VOTE!


3 key points

  1. To revive our sense of togetherness in clerkship, I propose regular emails, sharing updates and clerkship anecdotes to foster connection. Additionally, I aim to collaborate with class reps to plan diverse in-person activities and bring back the tradition of end-of-email memes. 
  2. Acknowledging the challenges of TCP and clerkship, I plan to collaborate with upper-year students and council members to develop up to date resources for successful clerkship transitions. Drawing from past experiences, I aim to ensure smooth rotations through comprehensive guides and info sessions. 
  3. Recognizing a disconnect between students and faculty, I aim to bridge this gap by implementing an anonymous feedback system via platforms like Discord. By actively participating in meetings and advocating for student interests, I strive to enhance communication and transparency for the class’s benefit. 

Hello class of 2026! My name is Sepehr Niakani, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for Med-3 Class President. My intention to apply for this position stems from my extensive background of advocacy experiences through various university clubs as well as a desire to bring about much-needed change. By serving as your Med-3 Class President, I will aim to enhance your learning experience via the following approaches: 

  • Rekindling the Sense of Togetherness 

I would not be alone in saying that since the start of TCP, we have lost the opportunity to see our classmates daily due to the different streams. I predict that this situation, unfortunately, will not improve with the start of clerkship. Nevertheless, I hope to bring back the feeling of togetherness via regular emails to not only provide updates, but also funny or interesting clerkship anecdotes shared by our classmates, anonymously or otherwise. This way, we can all feel a bit more connected by having a quick laugh and relating to one another’s struggles, despite our asynchronous schedules. I will also collaborate with the council members to plan diverse in-person activities such as between-cohort sports games for bragging rights, archery, movie nights, and the list goes on! Lastly, let us bring back the end-of-email memes! 

  • Collaboration for Clerkship Success 

We can all agree that TCP has introduced us to new and exciting challenges. With the start of clerkship, we all begin a new chapter that is more challenging and crucial for our future careers, which can make the transition overwhelming. I aim to facilitate that transition by collaborating with upper-year students and council members to develop up to date (i.e., post-pandemic) resources such as study guides, hospital navigating manuals, and elective planning info sessions to ensure that our rotations go smoothly. To achieve those goals, I will draw from my many experiences in advocating for better learning environments for students. One such experience is when I initiated a mentorship program as a graduate student where I matched prospective applicants to senior students to facilitate their transition into graduate school. 

  • Improving Student-Faculty Communication 

Do you at times feel a disconnect between our cohort and the faculty? Students are usually not provided with the opportunity to give regular feedback, and simultaneously, the discussions that take place between the faculty and students in town halls or meetings are often not communicated to the class. My goal is to bridge this gap by first introducing an anonymous feedback system through platforms such as Discord. The anonymity of such platforms will allow students to voice their thoughts, and as your class president, I will make sure that they are heard. Via your feedback, I will also have a better idea of the class’s needs so that I can advocate for policies that meet your interests. Similarly, I will actively participate in meetings to provide everyone with key information and updates for more transparency. 

Thank you for taking the time to review my platform. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via email ( or Facebook (Sepehr Niakani). I am more than happy to address any inquiries

3 key points

  1. I have spent 2 years fostering a strong and trusted relationship with the UGME and the MSS which is crucial in representing our class and advocating for our needs. 
  2. My current Class President responsibilities will carry on strong, including my Sunday Weekly Emails, organized academic resources, and collaborating with our class council to celebrate our milestones like the End of TCP Yacht Party and Grad Ball! 
  3. I am experienced with the time commitment and responsibilities of being Class President, and you can rely on me to continue being dependable, efficient, easy to reach, and informed. 

Hi everyone! My name is Taylor, and I am your current Med-2 Class President. I have been supporting our class since Med-1, and hope you’ll put your trust in me for another great year as Med-3 Class President! 

I am extremely passionate about my role and my responsibility towards each member of our class. I’d like to explain a little more about my current role, my plans for Med-3 and why I think I am best fit to continue representing you: 

  • A crucial part of being Class President is being heavily integrated with both the UGME leadership and the MSS. Luckily, I have spent the last 2 years fostering these connections and have gained the trust of UGME while learning the inner workings of the MSS. Since Med-1, I have been attending a variety of UGME meetings on a regular basis, which has allowed me to build a strong reputation and learn the ins and outs of our McGill medical curriculum. In fact, I have been attending the same bi-weekly meeting consistently for the last 2 years! As someone who the faculty knows and trusts, I can best represent our class and advocate for our needs. 
  • My academic and organization roles will continue as we begin clerkship: Since Med-1, I have played an active role in ensuring our class was organized and supported academically. I hope that the weekly posts and notes have been helpful! In TCP, I developed tools like the LoA Tracker, due dates schedule and the organized google drive. Also, we have been working on updated DIM notes which will be shared very shortly. You can expect all of this to continue in Clerkship, where I’ll continue to integrate both the roles of a class leader and Academic Rep! I will ensure that we continue to be organized, with all the resources we need easily accessible. 
  • I am experienced with the time commitment and responsibilities of being Class President: As I’ve mentioned, there are several time commitments involved in being Class President! Between bi-weekly meetings, working groups, the MSS, class council, and promptly replying to my classmates’ messages, my phone is often quite busy. I hold the responsibility of attending all Town Halls, class meetings and scheduled sessions. However, my years of experience in this role mean that I understand this time commitment very well and know how to adapt my schedule. As we progress through clerkship, you can rely on me to continue being dependable, efficient, easy to reach, and informed. I am just a Facebook message away at all hours of the day and will always be here for you. 
  • Communication in Clerkship: As I have learned from the Class of 2025 Class President, clerkship involves frequent communication with the component director, including phone calls and check-ins. This will give me numerous opportunities to raise your concerns and ensure that everyone has a smooth clerkship experience! 
  • Leading your class council: Our class council has been going strong since Med-1! This year, I led the council in planning the FMD Ball and we are currently organizing the End of TCP Yacht Party in addition to an embroidered scrub sale. I look forward to continue leading the class council during Med-3, where our main goal will be focused on Grad Ball and making sure it’s a night you won’t forget.  
  • An active member of the MSS: The MSS plays a crucial part of our medical school experience. Since Med-1, I have been extremely integrated into the MSS, holding roles in General Council and Education Committee among many working groups. I actively attend meetings to improve our experience as students and aim to gather as much information as I can to best serve my classmates. 
  • A mentor for junior medical students: Thanks for sticking with me this far. Lastly, I’d like to discuss my involvement with the cohorts below us! As Class President, my role has extended beyond our cohort, and I have built a strong relationship with their class as well. As Med-3 Class President, I will continue mentoring the years below us and ensuring that their experience is as smooth as possible!  

Overall, I would like to re-iterate how seriously I take my position as Class President. Representing you is a responsibility I hold close to my heart and my main objective has always been to support and motivate our class while staying organized. I would truly appreciate the opportunity to continue my role for the upcoming year and make Med-3 the best one yet.

3 key points

  1. Optimize finances to maximize Grad Ball funding. 
  2. Secure sponsorships and negotiate funding with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences for Grad Ball.
  3. Assist the VP socials in securing sponsorships and negotiating prices with vendors for events.

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Petrecca, and I am very excited to be running for Med-3 Treasurer. 

A little about me! I have lived in Montreal my entire life even though most of my family is from Niagara Falls. I am the eldest of 3 and I played competitive tennis for 14 years! My favourite food is pasta but recently ramen has stolen my heart (and stomach). 

Now onto to the more serious stuff! I completed my B.Sc. in Anatomy and Cell Biology and my M.Sc. in Experimental Medicine here at McGill. Throughout my time as an undergraduate and graduate student, I have been involved in many leadership roles and have learned valuable skills that have prepared me for this role. In Med-1, I was elected Treasurer and organized the famous Patagonia sale which had not been held in a few years. This event was a huge success. This year, I have been very fortunate to have been elected MSS VP Finance. Serving all med students in our program has been an extremely rewarding experience. However, I am ready to come back and focus on our class!

From these experiences, I have learned how to negotiate sale prices with vendors, how to allocate money to different initiatives and how to create a realistic budget. I am organized, reliable, attentive, and care for the well-being of our student body (and their finances). These are skills that will serve me well as Med-3 Treasurer.

Most importantly – my platform! As we approach our final year of our medical school, it’s important to start thinking about the last event we will have as a cohort: Grad Ball! This will likely be the best event of our medical education, and its success almost entirely depends on our budget. Therefore, as Med-3 treasurer, I plan on optimizing our class finances to maximize the amount of funds we will be able to allocate to our GradBall party.

Along the same lines, I plan on starting to secure partnerships with sponsors and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences to help us fund our Grad Ball organization. This is a task that is usually reserved to Med-4, but in my role as VP Finance this year, I have learned that starting early is very important. 

Lastly, Med-3 will be a very busy year for all of us and having events that will allow the cohort to get together and de-stress will be of utmost importance. I plan on helping our class VP Socials with the organization of fun events by helping secure partnerships with different venues and organizations to keep these events at a low cost for all students. 

Feel free to message me with any questions you may have. If you think my ideas are beneficial for you, please consider voting for me!

3 key points

Hello Class of 2025, after two years of having the privilege of being your social/class rep, I would like to ask for your support once more. In the past couple of years, we’ve had lots of fun, whether it was an awesome end-of-year party, a wholesome park hang, a very classy end-of-FMD gala, or a simple board game night.

As social/class representative, my main goal would be to continue the work that I’ve done with my fellow social/class rep (Jasmine Leung) to keep an inclusive, accessible, and wholesome environment for everyone in our class. The social events are for you to have fun and create long-lasting bonds with your fellow classmates. 

As we all know, clerkship will be the busiest period of our medical degree and I would say, because of this, it is extra important to have opportunities to unwind with our cohort. We are very much looking forward to having events for our class in order for the cohort to be able to spend time with each other.

Finally, we also want to make sure that your voice is heard, so please if you have any concerns/suggestions/ideas about past events and future events. Please feel free to reach out and we will try to integrate your feedback into our future events.

Thank you all for trusting me for the last two years. 

Sia Kermani

3 key points

  1. Organize fun celebrations of important milestones during medical school.
  2. Create respectful and inclusive environments at events that foster community.
  3. Include harm-reductive partners at relevant events to reduce accessibility barriers.

3 points clés

  1. Organiser des célébrations amusantes des étapes importantes de l’école de médecine.
  2. Créer des environnements respectueux et inclusifs lors d’événements qui favorisent la communauté.
  3. Inclure des partenaires de réduction des risques dans les événements pertinents afin de réduire les obstacles à l’accessibilité.

Hi Class of 2025!

My name is Jasmine Leung (she/her), and I would like to return as one of your Med 4 Class Representatives. I have had the pleasure of planning many wonderful events as your Med 2 and Med 3 Class Representative. I am also comfortable voicing your needs at MSS General Councils. I would be honoured to continue to serve as one of your Class Representatives.

If elected, I would focus on the following initiatives:

  1. Organizing fun celebrations of important milestones during medical school.
  2. Creating respectful and inclusive environments at events that foster community.
  3. Including harm-reductive partners at relevant events to reduce accessibility barriers.
  4. Continuing the excellent working relationship between the Med 4 Class Representatives, the rest of the Med 4 Class Council, and the MSS General Council.

I am excited to provide Med 4’s with the best possible events and advocacy. Please feel free to email me at if you want to chat or ask me questions. Thank you so much!

Best regards,

Jasmine Leung

**** Version française****

Bonjour classe de 2025!

Je m’appelle Jasmine Leung (elle) et j’aimerais être l’un de vos représentants de la classe Med-4. J’ai eu le plaisir de planifier de merveilleux événements en tant que représentante de la classe Med-2 et Med-3. Exprimer vos besoins lors de conseil général du MSS fait partie de mon champ de compétence. Je serais donc honorée de continuer à servir en tant que représentante de la classe.

Si je suis élue, je me concentrerai sur les initiatives suivantes :

  1. Organiser des célébrations amusantes des étapes importantes de l’école de médecine.
  2. Créer des environnements respectueux et inclusifs lors d’événements qui favorisent la communauté.
  3. Inclure des partenaires de réduction des risques dans les événements pertinents afin de réduire les obstacles à l’accessibilité.
  4. Poursuivre l’excellente relation de travail entre les représentants de classe Med-4, le reste du conseil de classe Med-4, ainsi que le conseil général du MSS.

Je suis enthousiaste à l’idée d’offrir à Med 4’s les meilleurs événements et la meilleure défense possible. N’hésitez pas à m’envoyer un courriel à dans l’éventualité où vous aimeriez discuter ou simplement me poser des questions.

Merci beaucoup!

Jasmine Leung

3 key points

  1. Facilitate efficient and accessible communication channels between the faculty and our class
  2. Offer individualized support to students of our class to help them access available resources and advocate on their behalf if needed
  3. Support our class as we go through CaRMS

3 points clés

  1. Maintenir et faciliter des canaux de communication entre notre classe et la faculté
  2. Offrir un soutien individualisé aux élèves de notre classe pour les aider à accéder aux ressources disponibles et plaider en leur nom si nécessaire
  3. Supporter notre cohorte alors que nous commençons à nous préparer pour CaRMS

*La version française suit*

Hello Class of 2025!

I have had the honour to represent our class as Class President since Med-1 and I would absolutely love to keep this position for the next year! As a class, we have had the immense privilege to experience life-changing moments together such as our White Coat Ceremony. Over this time, I’ve been working extremely hard to make your medical education journey be a smooth as possible. As we soon head towards the end of clerkship and the start of CaRMS season, I truly believe I am the right person to make this transition much easier for all of you.

The first priority that I have identified is communication between the student body and the faculty. It is absolutely crucial for me to continue my work facilitating transparent and productive communication between UGME and us by sending frequent reminders/messages, collecting student input and sitting our various UGME subcommittees to voice yours concerns. 

Secondly, one of my proudest achievements as class president has been to be able to provide individualized support to many of my classmates. As medical students, we already have a lot – and I mean a lot – on our hands so it is extremely important for me to be there for you to guide you towards the available resources and advocate on your behalf when needed so you can receive the help you deserve.

Lastly, the last few months of Clerkship and – especially – CaRMS represent a challenging period and I am here to do everything in my power to support our class through it all. I have had the chance to familiarize myself with CaRMS and its many quirks through interacting with upper years on faculty committees as well as through spending a lot of time working alongside UGME. I am excited to be a point person for all of you as we get accustomed to this entirely new world.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my platform, it is much appreciated. If you have any questions for me, I would be more than happy to answer via e-mail/Facebook or in person if you run into me!

Bonjour Cohorte de 2025!

J’ai l’honneur de représenter notre classe en tant que président de classe depuis Med-1 et j’aimerais absolument garder ce poste pour l’année prochaine ! Nous avons eu l’immense privilège de vivre ensemble des moments qui changent la vie, comme notre White Coat Ceremony. Au cours de cette période, j’ai travaillé extrêmement fort pour que votre parcours en médecine se déroule le mieux possible. Alors que nous nous dirigeons bientôt vers la fin de l’externat et le debut de CaRMS, je crois sincèrement que je suis la bonne personne pour faciliter cette transition pour vous tous.

La première priorité que j’ai identifiée est la communication entre le corps étudiant et la faculté. Il est absolument crucial pour moi de continuer mon travail en facilitant une communication transparente et productive entre l’UGME et nous en envoyant des rappels/messages fréquents, en recueillant les commentaires des étudiants et en siégeant sur différents sous-comités de l’UGME pour exprimer vos préoccupations.

Deuxièmement, l’une des réalisations dont je suis le plus fier en tant que président de classe a été de pouvoir fournir un soutien individualisé à plusieurs de mes camarades de classe. En tant qu’étudiants en médecine, nous avons déjà beaucoup – et je veux dire beaucoup – entre nos mains, il est donc extrêmement important pour moi d’être là pour vous guider vers les ressources disponibles et plaider en votre nom en cas de besoin afin que vous puissiez recevoir le l’aide que vous méritez.

Enfin, les derniers mois d’externat et – surtout – de CaRMS représentent une période difficile et je suis ici pour faire tout ce qui est en mon pouvoir pour soutenir notre classe à travers tout cela. J’ai eu la chance de me familiariser avec CaRMS et ses nombreuses particularités en interagissant avec les étudiants des autres années au sein des comités de faculté ainsi qu’en travaillant régulièrement UGME Je serais ravi d’être une personne ressource pour vous tous alors que nous nous habituons à ce monde entièrement nouveau.

Merci beaucoup d’avoir pris le temps de lire ma plateforme, c’est très apprécié. Si vous avez des questions à me poser, je serais plus qu’heureux de vous répondre par e-mail/Facebook ou en personne si vous me rencontrez !

3 key points

  1. I will be completely transparent with the management of the bank account. Anyone who wants to know can have every detail on how the money gets in and out of the account.
  2. I will continue coming up with ideas to bring money in.
  3. I will always be open to suggestions for new projects and will make it easy for you guys to get these ideas to me, for example through my regular budget updates

Hey guys, 

I’m Felix and I am running to become your Class Treasurer for next year (again). Here is how I imagine the next year financially (plot twist, the management of the account won’t drastically change!):

  • I’ll be open to suggestions: with the budget update post, I’ll make sure to make it easy for you to propose new ideas or wishes for projects to do. Since it is our money, we naturally all get a say in the way it is spent. Therefore, I’ll make sure that everyone who wants to propose something can do it easily.
  • I’ll work closely with the social representants of our cohort to make sure the money is used in the best way possible. Since my job is to make sure the money is well managed, I’ll make sure that the budget is not overspent and that we get the most bang for our buck.
  • As you all know, our big event for med-4 is the grad ball. I will work closely with the other class representatives to plan the best grad ball possible to allow out class to end our med school experience as festively as possible. The plan would be to also work closely with the cohort and get as much input as possible from you guys!

Here is a bit about me: I’m an organized and pretty rational person. I don’t like impulsive spending and I make sure that big expenses are well thought out. I like parties and social events (every event will have a decent budget to work with), but I know that it isn’t everyone’s case. Therefore, I will make sure that everyone can profit from the budget and get the most out of it. Indeed, as a(n) (ex-) musician and orchestral section leader, and as the current treasurer, I can adequately represent a group’s interests and make sure that no one is left out.

3 key points

  1. Collaboration: As the Medicine Senator, I would have to sit on multiple university and MSS committee meetings. There, I would have to collaborate with my colleagues, upper university administrations and past and present deans to promote the needs of our faculty. Through these collaborations, I will work hard to help enhance and refine student life and wellbeing for the MSS.  
  2. Readiness to Learn: I believe one of the main reasons why I chose medicine is my passion for learning and acknowledging when I lack knowledge or expertise in a certain topic. I believe this to be an asset, especially when representing the needs and wants of the MSS to the Senate. My readiness to learn allows me to be adaptable to criticism and feedback, make informed decisions and helps me approach problems with humility by looking at the different perspectives offered. 
  3. Integrity: Earning the trust and respect from the MSS is important to me- and is crucial when presenting our interests and needs to the McGill Senate. Being transparent and honest will help me uphold MSS’s standing with the university administration and deans, thus cultivating relationships with the deans and administration part of the Senate. 

Hi everyone! My name is Tara Seirafi, I am a first-year medical student, and I am beyond ecstatic to run for the position of Medicine Senator. 

You may be wondering what the role of Medicine Senator entails. In brief, I will act as a mediator for the MSS and the McGill Senate- a governing body tasked with the supervision over academic matters of the institution. I will be advocating for your educational and social needs and overall well-being in context of the medicine program. In short- I will be in your corner, and number one advocate. 

A little bit about me: I was born in Iran before moving to Montreal just in time for the start of elementary school. I completed my DEC in health sciences at Marianopolis College and did one year of Med-P before embarking on my medical school journey in 2023. Fret not! While I may be on the younger side, I can confidently say that what I lack in years, I make up for in experience. From being class prefect to coaching robotics, I believe I have what it takes to make informed decisions and collaborate with administrators support and stand up for my peers and colleagues. 

Notably, years part of my high school’s debate and Model UN teams as well as partaking in their tournaments and conferences have equipped me with the skills necessary to confidently serve as the liaison between the MSS and the McGill Senate. Through gracious professionalism, I will advocate for student life and well-being; and most importantly, partake in the debates and discussions to represent the best interests of the General Council and Society to the McGill University Senate. 

In order to properly act as a liaison between the University Senate and the MSS members, I would like to send out short surveys to each cohort and collaborate with cohort representatives, eager to learn what changes and differences students would like to see (whether it’d be academic, social or structural). Ensuring that student’s voice are being heard by higher up administrations is vital in making meaningful changes that benefit us all. I hope that I will be able to deliver this promise to you all this season.  Of note, amidst evolving educational and language regulations, I’m committed to enhancing language accessibility within the program. This initiative aims to ensure that our allophone and anglophone students are fully equipped to meet any additional French testing requirements. This is to ensure a sense of confidence within our student body and promote the wellbeing of all. 

3 key points

3 key points

  1. Drawing on my experience in student advocacy, I will actively listen to your ideas on improving student spaces and tirelessly work to implement them, always prioritizing transparency.
  2. Utilizing my expertise in fundraising and event planning, I aim to forge partnerships with local businesses to provide convenient snacks at the annex on select days each semester.
  3. I will showcase student talent and enhance the annex’s atmosphere by organizing a student art competition, drawing on my previous experience with similar initiatives.

Hi everyone! My name is Amel Melanson, I am a first-year medical student, and I am very excited to run for the position of Student Space Officer. In this role, I would be responsible for improving student spaces, especially the annex. I know, especially as medical students, having a space of our own where we can feel relaxed and comfortable after a long day of studying or work can make a big difference. That’s why I’m eager to participate in enhancing our spaces and, most importantly, listening to YOUR concerns!

A bit about me: I was born in Northern Ireland, but moved to Canada when I was one! I completed a DEC in Health Sciences at Marianopolis before entering the Med-P program last year. Throughout my academic journey, I’ve been passionate about engaging with my community, collaborating on events, and advocating for shared opinions. In high school, I was part of the student council and a house head, where we organized a variety of events and allocated the student budget to a number of charitable and scholastic initiatives. I founded the Shriners Children’s Hospital Club while at Marianopolis. With no funding and, initially, one member other than myself, we grew the club to over 100 members and organized a successful fundraiser in our first semester! I am incredibly determined and will work hard to make things happen, even with limited resources.

As Student Space Officer, I would first and foremost open the floor to you and see what matters most to you. I would start the semester with a Google Form in order to hear your suggestions and initiatives. One way in which I would like to improve the space is by reaching out to sponsors to see if we could organize a few days a semester where there could be free snacks available at the annex. We all know how expensive food is at the McIntyre Medical Building, I know I have bought many $5 granola bars on mornings where I was too rushed to eat breakfast, and I think that finding sponsors who would be willing to supply snacks on occasion could make a big difference in my day, as I hope it would in yours!

I would also like to initiate a student art contest to feature some of your work in the annex. While I love the space, I think that featuring some of your art would make it feel more inviting and personal. I would like to offer a gift card as a prize and invite students to submit artwork featuring any subject matter that interests them!

My main goal is to help make this space feel even more like our own. If you vote for me, I promise not only to listen to your opinions, but also to be relentless in making them a reality!

Positions Open to Gatineau Campus

3 points clés

Bonjour classe de 2027!

Je m’appelle Shuang et je me présente en tant que candidate de représentante académique de classe. Je souhaite apporter du soutien pour faire de cette année une expérience aussi agréable que possible.

Assurer que vos opinions soient entendues

Malgré le merveilleux soutien que nous bénéficions de la part de nos mentors, professeurs et directeurs, il arrive parfois que nos idées et préoccupations ne sont pas toujours celles qui ressortent des discussions étant donné notre perspective unique en tant qu’étudiants. Ainsi, mon objectif est de favoriser un environnement sain dans lequel nous pouvons librement communiquer avec la faculté. J’espère que nous ne sommes pas seulement écoutés, mais que nous soyons réellement pris en compte et que nous engendrons des changements concrets. Considérant que notre campus est encore jeune, nous avons l’opportunité de travailler ensemble pour le façonner positivement. 

Assurer l’égalité des deux campus

Puisque nous étudions dans un campus distinct, nous possédons nos propres systèmes et sommes parfois influencés par des facteurs différents de ceux de Montréal. Il est donc normal d’avoir des divergences entre les deux campus. Cependant, je souhaite veiller à ce que ces différences n’entraînent pas un désavantage pour notre cohorte. Je m’engage à communiquer avec la faculté en cas d’écarts significatifs ou d’injustices survenant au cours de l’année. En mettant aussi en place des ressources spécifiquement adaptées pour notre campus, j’espère pouvoir contribuer à ce que nous soyons toujours le meilleur de nous-même. 

Organiser les ressources

En parlant de ressources, notre cohorte est extrêmement chanceuse de disposer d’une multitude d’outils fournis par l’aide et la collaboration des cohortes précédentes. Cependant, il est facile de se perdre et de ne pas savoir par où commencer ni quels documents étudier. Nous pouvons aussi oublier qu’ils sont là lorsque nous en avons le plus besoin. J’aimerais donc organiser toutes ces ressources pour qu’elles soient utiles au bon moment en mettant l’accent sur celles qui sont pertinentes au début de chaque bloc. Je souhaite aussi prolonger cette aide aux futures cohortes en ajoutant nos propres outils d’étude à ceux déjà présents.  

3 key points

Overall Goal: Enhance the experiences and facilitate the lives of the students.

  1. Act as a liaison to deal with any issues, concerns or desires that the students may have
  2. Help manage and plan activities of the class to create a fun environment for everyone
  3. Be the qualified representative that the class deserves

My name is Yoomin Lee, and I am running for the position of Med-2 Class President at the
Outaouais Campus. As everyone knows, medical school is not easy. In fact, I dare say that is it
pretty difficult. Therefore, my overall objective with my position is to facilitate the lives of
everyone in the class.
As Class President, I will act as a transparent liaison between the students and the faculty,
maintaining good relations not only amongst the students in the class, but the upper years and the
administration. My role as the liaison will be to ensure that all the concerns and desires (or
practically anything) of every single student in the class are heard so that the proper mode of
action can be taken. I will attend every meeting as the Class President, to ensure that all issues
and concerns are dealt with and will transmit all necessary information back to the students. I
believe that this responsibility will be very important next year, with our start to TCP and other
issues that may arise. Therefore, I promise to take every opinion and worry seriously and manage
them respectfully.
Another goal I want to accomplish with my position is to work closely with the VP Social of the
class, VP Finance and VP Wellness to plan amazing events that will raise the class morale. With
these fun, memorable events, I believe that they will not only improve our medical school
experience, but also create a better environment for the class. I am confident that every event will
be a success, as the Gatineau campus knows how to have fun!
Lastly, with my position, I promise to be a good representative of the class as I believe that the
Class President reflects the class as a whole. From random conversations with classmates
between classes to faculty meetings with the Dean, I will ensure that our reputation as a class is
upheld, as I believe it deserves to be.
In conclusion, my goal for this position is to make everyone’s lives easier. Along with everything
that I have mentioned, I will also help the students in any way I can, whether it be directing
students to proper resources or helpful information about what’s to come. Let’s look forward to a
great Med-2 year!

3 key points

  1. Be transparent in terms of the opportunities and events that will impact the wellbeing of my classmates.
  2. Create a welcoming and supportive environment to succeed academically and professionally. 
  3. Promote a positive image of the campus

Hi there, my name is Yves Roland Ngouadjeu Fouetio, and I am running for the position of MSS President of the Med-2 student association at the Outaouais Campus.

I believe that the role of president requires the skill of leadership, the desire to promote a positive image of our dear campus and the inherent need to be of service to my classmates. And I strongly believe that I possess the skills and desires for the job. 

What are my goals as the class president you may ask? 

Well, I plan to first advocate for every significant concern that my classmates may have to the MSS and the school administration. 

I also intend on being transparent in terms of the opportunities and events that will directly or indirectly impact the success and wellbeing of my colleagues. 

I plan to create a welcoming and supportive environment, where my colleagues and the incoming Med-1 students can interact with each other and succeed in their studies. 

Knowing the difficulty and demands of medical school, I will promote and support my classmates mental and emotional wellbeing.

Now that I have talked about my goals, the next question that you may have is: Do he have the necessary experience to take on this important role?

And the answer is yes. Coming from a university background and having been on the job market for three years before starting medical school, I have had the opportunity to be a part of many student associations at Concordia University. I have developed a strong work ethic, and the skills to network, collaborate, and communicate with different other individuals. 

Finally, I would like to thank you in advance for choosing me as your future leader. I believe that with goals and experiences, I have what it takes to become MSS President of the Med-2 student association at the Outaouais Campus.

3 key points

  1. Collaboration: Working alongside other Class Representatives and MSS members to ensure smooth planning of events
  2. Prioritized mental health: Ensuring everyone takes a break from their school responsibilities by participating in social gatherings.
  3. Engagement: Encouraging my class to attend events by making them unique

As the former VP of Events and current Med-1 class Representative, I find immense joy in this role, one that I am naturally drawn to. Building a close relationship with my classmates during the events I organize is the most rewarding aspect of my position. 

Throughout this year, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with older Class Representatives to organize various memorable events including the Uottawa/McGill campus Outaouais Halloween party, a Halloween bar hangout with the Med-Ps, an exciting weekend chalet ski trip, and an upcoming cabane à sucre event, among others. Additionally, I’ve hosted several hangouts at my apartment to celebrate birthdays (complete with dessert and cute birthday hats), so our classmates feel special. Our annual secret Santa event, featuring the first diverse Santa Clause, was a great success. I also organized a gingerbread decorating competition to fit the same theme. Our group also bonded over a skating outing in Ottawa, which I will continue to plan in the future. As we’ve reached more than halfway through our first year, I`ve noticed that many people forget to prioritize their mental health, and by organizing social events between peers, their worries will be pushed away (even if it’s just for a bit of time).  

I actively engage with other members of the MSS such as the VP Finance of campus Outaouais. This position is not only meant to prioritize a time for students to relax and forget about school but also to advocate for their interests. I always try to accommodate their preferences. I am always open to recommendations and will continue to make sure my class feels heard. 

As Med-3 president, I will be representing our class at the MSS general councils, meetings with the Dean and meetings with the faculty. I will be working closely with our social representative and the VP finances of our campus to plan social events for our class, noting that everyone will be busy with their own things, but it is still important to have some activities where we can relax and see each other during clerkship. I will continue to contribute to the relationship our class has with our administrators, and I will ensure the class’s voice is heard and considered for any concerns we have. I will be able to provide answers for any questions about electives, carms, and rotations by serving as the liaison between our class and the people in charge.

As the Vice President of Social Affairs for the Med 3 Class of McGill Outaouais, I am deeply committed to enhancing our social life while navigating the rigorous demands of medical school. Recognizing the unique challenges we face as full-time clerks, my mission is to organize exciting and memorable events that cater to our diverse interests and schedules. I plan to actively seek input from classmates to ensure our social activities reflect our collective desires and are accessible to everyone, regardless of their busy timetables. Understanding the importance of balancing our academic responsibilities with our well-being, I will work closely with faculty members to secure periods dedicated to social activities. My goal is to ensure that, despite the burden of schoolwork, we can enjoy a fulfilling social life, creating lasting memories and strengthening our bonds as future healthcare professionals.

Chère classe de 2025,

C’est avec un immense plaisir que je me porte candidat à la présidence de la promotion M4 pour l’année scolaire 2024-2025. Depuis l’automne 2022, j’ai eu le privilège de m’investir au sein de la MSS, en tant que président de classe M1, président exécutif du Campus Outaouais, et président de classe M3. Ces responsabilités m’ont permis d’acquérir une expérience significative dans la gestion des affaires académiques, sociales et financières, ainsi que dans la représentation étudiante.

Depuis nos débuts en médecine, nous avons réussi à cultiver un fort sentiment d’appartenance, transformant notre cohorte en une véritable famille. Ensemble, nous avons organisé diverses activités telles que des sorties de ski, des dîners à la cabane à sucre, ainsi que des sessions de paintball et de laser tag. Nous avons également célébré deux cérémonies de sarreaux blancs, une en famille ici, à Gatineau, et une seconde avec nos collègues à Montréal. Nous avons réussi à réduire les coûts des installations scolaires et à aménager un espace étudiant confortable répondant à nos besoins. En parallèle, nous avons plaidé ardemment en faveur d’une éducation de qualité, dans un environnement propice à notre épanouissement académique. Je souhaite continuer à vous représenter au sein de l’administration et à être un agent de changement sur le campus. Ma plateforme repose sur trois piliers :

La communication : Je m’engage à maintenir une communication ouverte et transparente en utilisant les mêmes outils pour répondre à vos questions, comprendre vos besoins, défendre vos droits et vous représenter auprès de l’administration. Je veillerai à vous tenir informés des messages importants de l’administration, des échéances des cours de McGill et des dates importantes concernant notre parcours au CaRMS.

La collaboration : Je m’engage à poursuivre la collaboration avec les membres des conseils de classe du Campus Outaouais, les exécutifs des autres campus et les représentants des promotions à Montréal, dans le cadre de projets et d’activités bénéfiques pour notre cohorte. Avec l’approche de notre bal de fin d’études, je prévois d’organiser deux événements permettant de célébrer ensemble, à la fois sur notre campus et avec nos collègues montréalais.

La proactivité : Avec CaRMS, cette année s’annonce comme une aventure pleine de défis et d’opportunités. Je m’engage à adopter une approche proactive dans la résolution des problèmes afin de favoriser notre réussite et d’optimiser nos chances d’obtenir une résidence. Je demeurerai à l’écoute des défis rencontrés par chacun d’entre nous, afin de les porter à l’attention de la faculté et de travailler ensemble à leur résolution. En outre, je m’efforcerai de mettre en place les outils et les ressources nécessaires pour simplifier les processus et rendre notre parcours aussi fluide que possible.

Ensemble, je suis convaincu que nous pouvons faire de cette dernière année en médecine une expérience mémorable et réussir nos futures affectations avec succès !

Daniel Josué Guerra Ordaz

3 key points

  1. Sharing resources and support for CARMs for students in Outaouais
  2. Gathering question banks and other resources to help Outaouais Med-4s in their preparations for the LMCC exam
  3. Advocacy for students – attending meetings, bringing up student concerns and being transparent about what is discussed

Dear class of 2025,

I’m honoured to announce my candidacy for Outaouais Med-4 class president. I’ve been involved in student government since my first year and with CARMs approaching, I felt that I would be best suited to run for class president this coming academic year. With my past experience in student leadership and my past role as VP Medical Education, I would be able to support the class academically throughout CARMs and the LMCC, as well as communicate effectively with the faculty to better advocate for the interests of the Med-4 students in Outaouais.

My first main objective is to offer appropriate support to the Outaouais cohort with CARMs season approaching for us. Having spoken to the Med-4s, I’m aware of the challenges that the Med-4 students faced when applying for CARMs, including trouble accessing resources and unclear deadlines. My work as VP Medical Education this year allowed me to access the vast amount of resources available to students and to get more intimately understand the CARMs process. With this knowledge, I will be well-placed to share this information with the class, which will hopefully make the stressful application process easier. 

The second element of my platform is to advocate for resources for students to better prepare for their LMCC. As you know, most medical students write their exams at the end of their fourth year in medical school. I’d like to push for us to have access to resources that would be best suited to helping the students in Outaouais succeed. To do so, I plan to round up the resources available to us in one place and share those with the class, as well as communicating through the incoming VPs Medical Education and External for access to other resources that we don’t have access to for the time being.

Serving as an liaison for the class is my third objective. The job of the class president is to effectively communicate the concerns of the class to the faculty. In my past experiences as a student leader, attending meetings with faculty was one of my favourite parts of the job. It’s of utmost importance to bring up student concerns at those meetings and push for change since it’s our responsibility as student leaders to serve as a voice for the class. While communicating concerns to faculty is primordial, communicating responses to the class is equally important. To achieve transparency, I was planning on reviving our weekly info-letter to share pertinent information and to open a feedback form around the clock to allow students to express their concerns anonymously. I will also always be happy to discuss things individually with students should they have questions.

Thank you for this opportunity to run for class president and to better serve you in this coming year! 

Semaine d’accueil à McGill Outaouais | Photo : LeDroit, Simon Séguin-Bertrand

3 points clés

  1. Je m’engagerais entre autres à créer/organiser des évènements pour la Cohorte de 2025
  2. Je m’engagerais à maintenir des lignes de communication ouvertes entres les élèves et entres les élèves et la faculté.
  3. Je prônerais aussi l’excellence académique via la collaboration et l’entraide.    

Bonjour! Je suis Franco D’Anna, un étudiant dans sa troisième année de médecine. En tant que représentant social de la classe Med 4, je m’engagerais entre autres à organiser, planifier et coordonner des évènements pour la Cohorte de 2025 et je représenterais notre class durant les réunions du Conseil général du MSS.

Hello! I am Franco D’Anna, a third-year medical student. As the social representative of the Med 4 class, I would, among other things, be responsible for organizing, planning and coordinating community-building events for the Class of 2025 and representing our class at meetings of the MSS General Council.

3 key points

  1. Leadership experience: I am equipped with the skills necessary to navigate complex situations, make informed decisions, and effectively advocate for student needs.
  2. Personable approach: By balancing my tenacity with empathy, I aim to create a collaborative atmosphere that encourages mutual respect and understanding among the student body.
  3. Innovative method: Driven by your inputs and suggestions, aswell as by my own insights, I am eager and committed to conveying our collective ideas to the faculty, ensuring a progressive student environment.

My name is Franciska Otaner, and I am very excited to announce my candidature for the MSS Executive President position. Fuelled by my passion for medicine and my dedication to our student community, I am deeply committed to enhancing our journey through medical school at the Outaouais campus. I aim to foster an environment of support and excellence, where each of us can thrive. For my platform, I would like to emphasize my core strengths and values, which will guide me towards implementing excellence, success, and inclusivity into the Outaouais campus!  

Core Strengths and Values :

  • Leadership experience: With a track record in student-led initiatives and organizational roles, such as being president and vice-president of many clubs and being the Academic Representative of the Med 1 class, I have gained the ability to lead with vision and purpose. This extensive leadership experience has equipped me with the skills necessary to navigate complex situations, make informed decisions, and effectively advocate for student needs.
  • Personable approach: I believe that the Executive President position requires strength and firmness, which consequently must be balanced with empathy and sensitivity. With a friendly approach, I will ensure that each student feels comfortable and supported in voicing their concerns and aspirations. My leadership will be enhanced by open, accessible communication, fostering a welcoming environment where every student’s input is valued and considered. By combining strength and empathy, I aim to create a collaborative atmosphere that encourages mutual respect and understanding among the student body.
  • Innovative Mindset: I am committed to bringing new solutions to improve our academic and social environment, making our campus a beacon of progress and student success. My innovative mindset extends beyond problem-solving; it’s about proactively seeking opportunities to enhance every aspect of our student experience. Driven by your inputs and suggestions, aswell as by my own insights, I am eager and committed to conveying our collective ideas to the faculty, ensuring a progressive student environment.

3 key points

  1. Strategic Financial leadership through pursuing consistent and innovative funding opportunities and engaging students with financial advice, popular lunch conferences and giveaways.
  2. Transparency and Accountability fostering trust and accountability within our organization and student community.
  3. Precise Budgeting through meticulous planning and communication, aligning budgets with important student activities and events for long-term success.

As the Vice President Executive and Finances for the Outaouais Campus of the Society, I play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation and financial stability of our organization. My responsibilities extend beyond mere administrative support; I am entrusted with the critical task of aiding the Outaouais Executive President in executing their duties and assuming leadership if circumstances demand it.

In addition to these foundational responsibilities, I bring a proactive approach to my role. One unique aspect of my position involves seeking out funding sponsorships and partnership opportunities that align with our values and goals. This will allow us to subsidize major events that students are interested in at all levels. Furthermore, I will be bringing back the lunch conferences that everyone loves with our core sponsors from last year, giving advice and creating opportunities for students to manage their own finances while incorporating exciting giveaways at each event. 

Moreover, I recognize the importance of transparency and accountability in financial matters. To this end, I go beyond the standard record-keeping duties by implementing robust reporting mechanisms. I ensure that stakeholders have access to clear and comprehensive summaries of our financial activities, including sponsorships and expenses, and overall financial health. This transparency fosters trust and a culture of fiscal responsibility within our organization as well as with the entire student body.

It is important to keep in mind that these initiatives are possible by establishing precise budgeting in advance of activities during the year. In this respect, I am committed to comprehensives planning, detailed expense tracking, regular financial reporting, budget reviews and revisions and maintaining open communication with sponsors and the MSS. This collaborative process ensures that our financial priorities are aligned with the needs and aspirations of our members. It also allows for flexibility and adaptability in response to changing circumstances, enabling us to seize opportunities and navigate challenges with confidence.

In essence, my role as Vice President Executive and Finances goes beyond traditional expectations. I am not only a steward of our financial resources but also a catalyst for new financial partnerships and growth for the students. By embracing creativity, transparency, and collaboration, I strive to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the Outaouais Campus of the Society.

3 key points

  1. Provide our campus with the best opportunities possible to improve student life. 
  2. Find sponsors that best represent our needs and align with our interests and values. 
  3. Ensure the best use of our budget as well as providing transparency on the use of our funds.

My name is Zainab and I am running for VP Executive and Finance at the Outaouais Campus. My goal as VP Executive and Finance is to provide our campus with the most opportunities possible to best enjoy our lives on campus. 

By managing the budget, I want to be a key member of planning social events. I enjoy working in teams through various clubs on campus and these prior experiences would help me in this role. I am one of the VP Sponsorships for Hôpital des Nounours and I run my own cake business meaning that I have the organizational skills and the dedication necessary to fulfill the this role. I will reach out to sponsors that best suit the needs of our student body and align with our interests.  In doing so, I want to bring the best events and opportunities to our campus. I will be transparent in the use of our funds from sponsors to ensure that the budget is being spent in a way that is most beneficial to all of us. 

If elected, I will ensure that the Outaouais campus has at least the same opportunities as the students at the Montreal campus. Working in collaboration with the class representatives for all years, the VP Wellness, and the MSS President, I will ensure that we can best address the needs of all classes. 

3 points clés

As VP External, I aim to prioritize effective communication and active listening to ensure the objectives and best interests of the MSS Outaouais are well-represented within the CFMS and other external organizations. By proactively engaging with the FMEQ and other Quebec-based organizations, I am committed to not only advocating passionately for our association’s overarching goals, but also to fostering enduring relationships grounded in mutual respect and understanding. Transmitting relevant information to our General Council and Members will also be a key focus of mine– promoting transparency and informed decision-making. As a liaison officer, I’m committed to facilitating dialogue and collaboration among MSS Outaouais and other medical school student associations in Quebec– building a supportive network for mutual benefit, collective advancement, and success.

3 key points

  1. Representation and advocacy of Outaouais campus students’ academic interests.
  2. Ensure equitable access to resources for both campuses and review of the match experience with Outaouais graduates.
  3. Easy access to directory of academic representatives: updated and accessible guide allowing students to reach out to the concerned academic rep.

Hello MSS members,

I am happy to announce that I will be running for Outaouais Vice-President Medical Education! As VP Med Ed, my role will be to advocate for improvements in your academic experience and serve as liaison between different academic committees by chairing the MSS Medical Education Committee. My responsibility will be to ensure equitable access to resources for both campuses and represent the Outaouais campus’ interests in faculty meetings.

As your VP Med Ed, I will make sure you can have easy access to the resources you need. I will keep an updated, handy guide that will allow you to know who to contact when you have inquiries about anything related to your medical academic journey. Furthermore, as our campus sees its first cohort of graduates, it is important to collect reviews and statistics on their match experience to see if improvements can be made for future cohorts.

I remain available for anyone to reach out to. Thank you for considering my candidacy!



3 key points

  1. Prioritized Student well-being: I commit to prioritize students’ mental and physical well-being through increased awareness of mental health resources and access to wellness services available at McGill University and through creation of events prioritizing students’ need.
  2. Enhanced campus experience: I will focus on tailored campus events, enhanced recreational areas, and increased individual study spaces to foster inclusivity and student engagement.
  3. Advocacy and collaboration: I pledge to advocate for student interests, maintain open communication channels, and collaborate with stakeholders to enhance student well-being and improve campus spaces.

3 points clés

  1. Bien-être étudiant: Je m’engage à prioriser le bien-être mental et physique des étudiants. Je m’assurerai d’émettre toutes les informations à propos des ressources de santé mentale et de bien-être disponibles à l’Université McGill à toutes les cohortes. Je travaillerai aussi pour garantir un accès complet de tous les services aux étudiants de campus Outaouais. J’organiserai aussi des événements répondant aux besoins des étudiants.
  2. Expérience du campus améliorée: Je mettrai l’accent sur des événements sur mesure, des zones de loisirs améliorées et une augmentation des espaces d’étude individuels pour favoriser l’inclusivité et l’engagement des étudiants.
  3. Plaidoyer et collaboration: Je m’engage à défendre les intérêts des étudiants, à maintenir des canaux de communication ouverts et à collaborer avec les parties prenantes pour améliorer le bien-être des étudiants et les espaces du campus.

Campaign Platform for MSS Vice-President, Wellness and Student Spaces Outaouais:

  • I am committed to prioritizing the mental and physical well-being of our students by raising awareness about mental health resources and ensuring complete access to all wellness services available at McGill University. These include counseling services, McGill Wellness Support, and more. I will advocate for a better integration of wellness programs into student life and curriculum in collaboration with MSW.
  • I will continue organizing, like I did this year as Med-1 Wellness Representative, diverse events and activities specifically tailored for students’ needs, while fostering students’ participation and building a vibrant campus culture centered around well-being and inclusivity. Our events this year, such as the Christmas decoration event and the zootherapy event, were organized through actively listening to students’ needs. Moreover, the time, the date and the details were also adjusted to fit most of the students of the campus. I will continue working with other Wellness representatives of all the years to continue to prioritize students’ needs and create more successful event to improve Outaouais Students’ general wellness.
  • I will work towards creating a student-focused campus space by enhancing recreational areas and increasing the number of individual study spaces. As our student body grows, I am committed to advocate for the creation of new areas and adaptation of existing spaces to prioritize our needs, such as more individual study space. Additionally, I will collaborate with student organizations to create safe and inclusive spaces for all students.
  • I believe in the importance of student involvement in campus life. As Vice-President, I will support initiatives that encourage students’ participation in clubs, sports teams, and extracurricular activities, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Utilizing TV screens in common areas, I will showcase student-led projects, club activities, and essential information, enhancing campus visibility and student involvement. My vision is to create a campus which will reflect us, and which will be ours.
  • I promise to maintain open communication channels with students, keeping them informed about campus developments and seeking their input on important decisions affecting their academic and personal lives. I will actively represent student interests in the Academic Committee, advocating for policies that prioritize student well-being in all academic decisions.
  • I will collaborate with MSS executive team members, faculty, staff, and external partners to achieve our shared goals of enhancing student well-being and improving campus spaces. Together, we will work towards creating a vibrant and inclusive campus community where every student can thrive academically, socially, and personally.

Vote for Sharmin Zahin for MSS Vice-President, Wellness and Student Spaces Outaouais. Together, let’s build a healthier and more vibrant campus environment.

Plateforme de campagne pour le poste de Vice-Présidente, Bien-être et Espaces Étudiants Outaouais :

  • Je m’engage à prioriser le bien-être mental et physique de nos étudiants. Je m’assurerai d’émettre toutes les informations à propos des ressources de santé mentale et de bien-être disponibles à l’Université McGill à toutes les cohortes. Je travaillerai aussi pour garantir un accès complet de tous les services aux étudiants de campus Outaouais, incluant les services de conseil et de soutien au bien-être de McGill, et plus encore. Je plaiderai pour une meilleure intégration des programmes de bien-être dans la vie étudiante et dans le programme d’études en collaboration avec MSW.
  • Je continuerai d’organiser des événements divers et des activités spécifiquement adaptées à nos besoins, tout en favorisant la participation des étudiants et en construisant une culture vivante du campus centrée sur le bien-être et l’inclusivité. Nos événements cette année, tels que la décoration de Noël et l’événement de zoothérapie, ont été organisés en écoutant activement les besoins des étudiants. De plus, l’heure, la date et les détails ont également été ajustés pour convenir à la plupart des étudiants du campus. Je continuerai de travailler avec d’autres représentants du bien-être de toutes les années pour continuer à prioriser les besoins des étudiants et pour créer des événements avec un focus sur l’amélioration du bien-être général des étudiants du campus. 
  • Je travaillerai à la création d’un espace campus centré sur les étudiants en améliorant les espaces récréatifs et en augmentant le nombre d’espaces d’étude individuels. Alors que notre effectif étudiant augmente, je m’engage à plaider en faveur de la création de nouveaux espaces et à l’adaptation des espaces existants pour prioriser nos besoins, tels que plus d’espaces d’étude individuels. De plus, je collaborerai avec les organisations étudiantes pour créer des espaces sûrs et inclusifs pour tous les étudiants.
  • Pour moi, l’implication des étudiants est très importante. En tant que MSS Vice-présidente, Bien-être et Espaces étudiants Outaouais, je soutiendrai les initiatives qui encouragent la participation des étudiants aux clubs, équipes sportives et activités parascolaires, favorisant un sentiment de communauté et d’appartenance. Une idée est que nous utilisons les écrans de télévision dans les espaces communs pour mettre en valeur les projets dirigés par des étudiants, les activités des clubs et les informations essentielles, renforçant ainsi la visibilité des implications étudiantes au campus. Ma vision est de créer un campus qui nous reflète et qui soit le nôtre.
  • Je promets de maintenir des échanges de communication ouverts avec les étudiants, en les tenant informés des développements du campus et en recherchant leur avis sur les décisions importantes affectant leur vie académique et personnelle. Je représenterai activement les intérêts des étudiants au sein des comités académiques, plaidant en faveur de politiques qui priorisent le bien-être des étudiants dans toutes les décisions.
  • Je collaborerai avec les membres de l’équipe exécutive de MSS, les membres du corps professoral, le personnel et les partenaires externes pour atteindre nos objectifs communs d’amélioration du bien-être des étudiants et d’amélioration des espaces du campus. Ensemble, nous travaillerons à créer une communauté de campus dynamique et inclusive où chaque étudiant peut s’épanouir sur les plans académique, social et personnel.

Votez pour Sharmin Zahin pour le poste de Vice-Présidentes MSS, Bien-être et Espaces Étudiants Outaouais. Ensemble, construisons un environnement de campus plus sain et plus dynamique.

3 points clés

Positions Open to Both Campuses

3 key points

  1. Desire to promote collaboration and education
  2. Collaborate with local health organisations and NGOs to address community health needs
  3. Address systemic barriers to healthcare access and delivery.

I come before you with a deep desire for global health, forged by my own background and my double French-Ivorian nationality. Growing up, I witnessed the striking disparities in access to healthcare between France and Côte d’Ivoire. These disparities shaped my perspective and fueled my passion to work towards a better organisation and distribution of global health.

I’ve seen with my own eyes how these disparities affect the most vulnerable populations. This duality is ingrained in me, and I am convinced that we have a responsibility to work together to create a world where every individual has access to quality healthcare, regardless of their place of birth or socio-economic status.

As a candidate for the position of Vice-President of Global Health Canada, I am eager to promote exchanges and training between medical students and global health institutions. I firmly believe that interdisciplinary collaboration is essential to meet the complex health challenges facing our world.

I would also like to work closely with McGill’s Global Health Programs to organise conferences, forums and workshops focusing on innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to global health challenges.

Finally, one of my big ambitions would be to work in collaboration with local health organisations and NGOs to address community health needs. I’m convinced that building a strong global health system starts with a commitment to local communities and an inclusive approach that takes into account their specific needs and challenges.

Together, we can make a tangible difference to the lives of the world’s most disadvantaged people. I’m ready to put my energy, passion and dedication at the service of this noble and urgent cause.

Thank you for your attention and support.

3 key points

  1. Fostering collaborative functions between clubs
  2. Financial literacy workshop
  3. Appreciation night for clubs’ volunteers

Dear fellow medical students,

I’m Alexandra Gravel Nolin, a first-year medical student here at McGill. It is with great enthusiasm that I announce my candidacy for the position of Vice President Internal (VP-internal) of the Medical Students’ Society (MSS), with a vision centered on enhancing communication and collaboration opportunities, while simultaneously promoting and empowering our cherished clubs. 

Having participated in many team sports my whole life, I developed a deep appreciation for the importance of teamwork, communication, and coordination. These qualities, all indispensable for the role of Vice President Internal, would allow me to be an attentive MSS team member, keenly aware of and sensitive to the needs of our student community. Additionally, serving as a Vice President in programming for a provincial event called RDV en sciences, has equipped me with practical organizational skills that I can immediately apply to the role. My experience in leadership roles and team sports has therefore provided me with the skill sets that would allow me to support our communication networks (Murmur) and the club activities within our Medical Students’ Society. As Vice President Internal, I aim to use these experiences to create a welcoming and supportive environment where every member can actively participate and contribute to our association’s growth and success.

In the pursuit of my vision, I aim to implement the following key initiatives: Increasing collaboration between clubs, providing financial education and appreciating student volunteers’ efforts and club members.

As medical students, but mostly as medical professionals, we are often asked and encouraged to collaborate with other medical specialties or health professionals. Through collaborative initiatives and joint functions, we can therefore improve the collective expertise of our clubs to deliver impactful conferences, events, and activities for the benefit of all members with intersecting interests. By promoting a culture of cooperation, we can develop the full potential of our society and enrich the experiences of our members.

Secondly, since many medical students and young medical professionals may not have had exposure to financial literacy training, the management of club funds and finances can be a daunting task. However, the careful administration of club finances is crucial for the sustainability and ongoing success of our clubs. I propose organizing comprehensive workshops to equip clubs with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage their finances. By providing guidance on budgeting and financial reporting, we can empower clubs to maximize their resources and drive impactful initiatives.

Lastly, our clubs thrive due to the dedication and passion of their presidents, vice presidents, and representatives. To express gratitude and recognize their invaluable contributions, I will organize appreciation nights to celebrate the hard work and achievements of those involved in club activities. These events will not only foster a sense of belonging but also inspire continued engagement and commitment within our community.

In conclusion, my candidacy for Vice President Internal is grounded in a firm commitment to foster collaboration, empowerment, and appreciation within the MSS. 

I kindly ask for your support in bringing this vision to life, as we work together to elevate the clubs of the Medical Students’ Society.

Thank you for your time and considering my candidacy.

Alexandra Gravel Nolin

3 key points

  1. Offer engaging workshops and seminars on topics such as health care access and equity, planetary health, nutrition policies, and more.
  2. Represent the McGill and MSS political positions at the local, provincial, and national level upon consulting with the student body.
  3. Work closely with other MSS members and MSS clubs to find opportunities for advocacy collaboration.

Hi everyone! I’m Teodora and I’m running for the position of Government Affairs and Advocacy Officer, which involves advocating for medical students’ positions on health policy and political matters at the local, provincial, and national level. A number of things drew me to this role: I thoroughly enjoyed Block A, I did my undergraduate degree in public health, and I’ve been involved in a lot of advocacy work during my undergrad, first as my faculty council’s Advocacy Commissioner and then as President. I have lobbied with the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance and planned numerous advocacy workshops and seminars as the student Gender Equality Network Coordinator of my university.

I would like to bring my advocacy experience and commitment to this role and continue the excellent work of the previous GAAC officers and committees. My goals include enhancing awareness and involvement in health policy, fostering active participation in shaping crucial health policy issues, and ensuring our collective voice influences the direction of healthcare in Quebec and Canada. I look forward to engaging students with doctors, researchers, patients, writers, innovators, and people from many different intersectional identities through various activities and in collaboration with other members on the Medical Students’ Society. 

3 key points

  1. Listening to and understanding the IT issues faced clubs by and MSS executives
  2. Maintaining effective communication with the student body
  3. Implementing quality assurance principles to minimize future problems

IT is never glamorous, but it gets noticed if it does not work. My goal is for you to notice IT as little as possible by ensuring that things are working as intended. My platform is centered around maintaining a convenient and easy to use website and maintaining the proper functioning of technological equipment in our student spaces. I have three primary ways that I intend to do so:

First, I will ensure effective communication with clubs and MSS members regarding IT issues and changes. This will involve maintaining an open communication with representatives from each year and with other MSS executives, and getting a good understanding of the issues they face and how we can help.

Second, I will ensure transparency when it comes to technology issues relating to student spaces and the website. This will be done by conveying important information through the MSS’s multiple lines of communication with the student body, as well as with other MSS executives themselves. 

Finally, I will do my best to implement quality assurance principles to minimize future technology issues affecting the MSS. This will involve updating and creating effective systems for monitoring and maintaining IT infrastructure in a way that is convenient to users while preventing problems from occurring. This would include documentation, workflows, and organizational strategies.