MSS Canadian Association of Women Clinician Investigator Trainees (MSS CAWCIT)

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About the club

The Canadian Association of Women Clinician Investigator Trainees (CAWCIT) is a peer-led initiative that aims to support and empower women clinician-scientist trainees to achieve their goals and potential as future doctors, scientists and leaders through personal and professional development. Unique challenges persist for women in the physician-scientist career path, including less representation in academic and leadership roles, as well as higher attrition rates. Through diverse events and initiatives, CAWCIT aims to create an inclusive network and space where all women, gender minorities and allies feel empowered to champion equity, challenge all forms of bias and discrimination, and build support networks that carry on throughout medical, research, residency training, and beyond.

Contact information

Co-PresidentLashanda Skerritt, class of
Co-PresidentShriya Deshmukh, class of
Co-PresidentStephanie Totten, class of
VP EventsSarah Lépine, class of
VP EventsSera Whitelaw, class of
VP EventsElla Sahlas, class of
VP ExternalHeather Whittaker, class of
VP CommunicationsJulia Luo, class of
Med-2 RepTaylor Stoesz, class of
VP FinanceAnna Reiter, class of