MSS Clinical French Club (CFC)

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About the club

The Clinical French Club’s mission is to provide a structured and collaborative environment for medical students to master the essentials of clinical French, including the language required to: 

  • Take a patient history 
  • Conduct a physical exam and describe findings 
  • Explain the diagnosis and treatment plan 
  • Answer a patient’s questions

Our philosophy is that we’re all in this together, so let’s help each other learn faster and better!
We welcome French speakers of all levels, from true beginners to francophones. 

Our goal is to identify and master simple, high-yield clinical language that can be put into
practice immediately. Club members share the clinical situations they would like to improve in,
and together we prepare structured meetings to practice the necessary language. By
responding to immediate, real-life needs, we will complement existing resources which focus
more broadly on formal grammar or conversational French.

Our meetings emphasize one-on-one practice and in-depth feedback. 

Sample format (~60 minutes): 

  • 15 min – Demo of patient interview, followed by questions
  • 15 min – Split up into partners, conduct a mock medical interview (histories provided) 
  • 15 min – Switch roles and repeat 
  • 15 min – Regroup to share the most useful takeaway points, choose the next topic 

Post-meeting, the preparatory materials will be updated with new content arising from the

In addition to doctor/patient interviews, other clinical scenarios will be incorporated according to
demand (e.g. interactions with other health professionals, discussing treatment options with a

Contact information

Co-PresidentAntoine Picard, class of
Co-PresidentKaouthar Koulmi, class of
VP EducationMarlene Huguette Djipap Tchouala, class of
Med-3 RepSimon Lafontaine, class of
Med-2 RepJulia Parreira Pinto, class of
Med-2 RepDaphnée Demers, class of
Med-1 RepSofia Lizza, class of
Med-1 RepEdmond Kaldany, class of
Med-1 RepCynthia Sedlezky, class of