Clinical Skills Training and Assessment Room (CSTAR)

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About the club

CSTAR (Clinical Skills Training and Assessment Room) aims to provide opportunities for medical students to develop their clinical proficiency. To this end, CSTAR has designed an academic program inspired in structure by our block-based medical curriculum. The club runs peer-guided workshops to teach students interviewing and examining techniques, and test their clinical reasoning when interacting with patients. In addition, CSTAR has developed a clinical simulation room that can be used by all medical students. The room is modelled after a standard doctor’s office with all the basic medical equipment needed for students to practice physical examination skills, or standardized patient cases, in a stress-free and safe environment.

Contact information

Co-PresidentVanessa Ezerzer, class of
Co-PresidentMagan Solomon, class of
Gatineau PresidentAmelie Ndiho, class of
Gatineau Chief TutorLiliane Marie Fakhouri, class of
Clinical Skills AdvisorIan Langleben, class of
Clinical Skills AdvisorMarie-Catherine Viau, class of
Clinical Skills AdvisorMack Blydt-Hansen, class of
Clinical Skills AdvisorOliver Terry, Class of
Clinical Skills AdvisorCourtenay Wood, class of
Med-2 Chief TutorArianne Racine, class of
Med-3 Chief TutorEmily Ajit-Roger, class of
Med-1 Gatineau RepKhaled Skaik, Class of
Clinical Skills AdvisorRaphael Rezkallah, Class of