Community Health and Social Medicine Incubator (CHASM)

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About the club

We’re an incubator for youth-led interdisciplinary health projects that focus on creating an impact in response to the articulated needs of marginalized or underserved communities.

What is our unique approach? CHASM’s unique approach is made up of 5 important ingredients.

1. We provide community-engagement and leadership training—so that passionate young people can approach marginalized communities compassionately and precisely.

2. We build and maintain community partnerships—so that young people can work with those who already know how to deploy sustainability in the community.

3. We facilitate needs-assessment reviews—so that students can build and execute projects in direct response to the articulated needs of the community.

4.We fund projects—so that these initiatives have some capital to kick off or scale their operations.

5.We provide mentorship—so that those running these initiatives can access the knowledge and connections they need to scale.

Why get involved with CHASM? CHASM has been dubbed by Maclean’s Magazine to be a critical part of the burgeoning social entrepreneurship network at McGill – and cited as one of the reasons it was the top Medical Doctoral University in Canada in 2020 and 2021. We work with exceptional community partners and social change makers to redefine how to narrow health inequities in Montreal. We have received provincial awards at entrepreneurial competitions and presented our model and research at the local and international level. COVID19 has taught us the importance of community health. Be a part of a team that prioritizes community voices, co-creation, and pushing the envelope of what’s possible in these unprecedented times.

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Executive DirectorSara