McGill Student Association for Collaborative Mental Healthcare (McGill CMH)

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About the club

The McGill Student Association for Collaborative Mental Healthcare (CMH) creates spaces on campus for students from various fields of study, such as medicine, social work, nursing, neuroscience, global health, occupational therapy, counselling and clinical psychology, to come together, exchange knowledge and create projects relating to clinical and research applications of mental healthcare. CMH strives to forge bonds and networks between students who are pursuing careers related to mental healthcare in order to optimize, examine and ultimately reimagine current healthcare systems. Workshops, networking events and advocacy projects are designed and carried out in a way to reflect the pillars of CMH: collaboration, interdisciplinary networks, idea generation & contribution. Moreover, CMH actively promotes its philosophies of open-mindedness, respect, critical reflection, growth & empowerment to foster positive interdisciplinary relationships and impacts on the mental health fields.

Contact information

Co-PresidentDorsai Ranjbari, class of
VP ProjectsLucie Dubes, class of
VP InternalJake Rose, class of
VP CommunicationsTing Wang, class of
MSS RepShadi Hadj-Youssef, class of