MSS SenseAware (MSeA)

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About the club

Our goal is to advocate for patients who experience sensory disabilities, including deafness and blindness, for access to more inclusive services to ensure they can properly navigate the healthcare system. We aim to educate current and future healthcare professionals on how to better meet the needs of these individuals, including but not limited to being able to effectively communicate and relay healthcare information.

Contact information

Co-President/Co-FounderGabriella Menniti, class of
Co-President/Co-FounderReginold Sivarajan, class of
VP EventsGenevieve Mylocopos, class of
VP ExternalRachel Morgan Macdonald, class of
Co-VP CommunicationsMaha Hammoud, class of
Co-VP CommunicationsMoustafa Fouad, class of
VP FinanceAlexander Moise, class of
VP EducationSophie Hallot, class of
Med-3 RepMichael Alexander Ferrante, class of
Med- 1 RepNoemie Laurier, class of
Med- 1 RepYilin Zhang, class of