MSS Medical Students’ Ultrasound Interest Group (MUSIG)

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About the club

The MSS Ultrasound Interest Group is comprised of medical students interested in the practice and promotion of ultrasound. By providing training and learning opportunities in ultrasound to medical students, we aim to raise awareness about the use of ultrasound in clinical practice and to utilize ultrasound in order to benefit others through community outreach. With respect and inclusivity underpinning our projects and initiatives, we hope to meet needs that exist within the medical and more general community.

Contact information

Co-PresidentMatias Claus, class of
Co-PresidentEadan Farber, class of
President advisorOmar Idrissi, class of
VP CommunicationsTaylor Stoesz, class of
VP Social MediaVanessa Debay, class of
VP FinanceVictoria Schouela, class of
VP ITTyler Cannon, class of
VP FundraisingRana Gaffar, class of
Fundraising OfficerMichael Ferrante, class of
Female Pelvic U/S CoordinatorTania Morin, class of
Female Pelvic U/S CoordinatorRanuka Sivanathan, class of
VP MTL-SONOOmar Idrissi, class of
VP MTL-SONOMichael Ferrante, class of
MTL SONO Volunteer and Instructor RecruitmentDylan Delaney, class of
MTL SONO Communications and LogisticsFélix-Antoine Coutu, class of
MTL SONO Communications and LogisticsAlbert Shalmiev, class of
MTL SONO Communications and LogisticsPatrick Asselin, class of
MTL SONO SupportSam Amar, class of
MSK CoordinatorNahal Fansia, class of
PoCUS Training CoordinatorOmar Idrissi, class of
MUSIG SonographerSaad Razzaq, class of
MUSIG SonographerBlake Linthwaite, class of
Surgery CoordinatorJason Covone, class of
Global Education OfficerDylan Delaney, class of