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Diverging Minds aspires to raise awareness about neurodiversity and acceptance of the neurodivergence community within the student population. We ground ourselves in the values of equality and equity by emphasizing the concept of neurodiversity as a spectrum. Conducted in an inclusive safe space, conversation is centred around the topic of respecting, accepting and supporting all persons with neurological differences by highlighting their strengths and understanding the adversities they face in day-to-day life. Through collaboration with neurodivergent people, family members, professionals and neurodivergence-associated organizations, our club’s mission is to hear their voices, understand and listen to their experiences and illustrate their struggles. To achieve this, our main objectives are: > Educating and bringing awareness to younger students in high school and CEGEP, > Improving healthcare of neurodivergent individuals through workshops or panels > Increasing active support of the neurodivergent community by promoting volunteering opportunities for students to encourage understanding and acceptance. We are currently looking to recruit individuals for 2 positions: > VP Presentation Coordinator > VP Special Projects​ If you are interested in becoming an executive, please feel free to apply during the recruitment period!

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Co-PresidentÈvicka Veilleux, class of 2024Email
Co-PresidentHan Zhang Huang, class of 2025Email
VP Event CoordinatorEmily Oulousian, class of 2024Email
VP ExternalCharles Tessier, class of 2024Email

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