MSS Diverging Minds (MDM)

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About the club

MSS Diverging Minds, an initiative created by medical students, aspires to raise
awareness and acceptance of the neurodivergent community within the student
population through communication with both neurodivergent individuals and advocates.
Conducted in an inclusive safe space, conversation is centered on the topic of
respecting, socially accepting and supporting all people with neurological differences by
highlighting their strengths and understanding their adversities while living in a
neurotypical world.

Through collaboration with neurodivergent people, family members, professionals and
neurodivergence-associated organizations, our club’s mission is to hear their voices,
understand and listen to their experiences and illustrate their struggles through
workshops provided to high school, CEGEP and university students focused on
educating oneself to further support the inclusion of neurodivergent people within

Contact information

PresidentMunazzah, Jaffer, class of
VP ExternalEmily Aronoff, class of
VP Community OutreachJohanie Victoria Piché, class of
VP Community OutreachInès Dupuis, class of
VP Community OutreachJessica, Lu, class of
VP Events CoordinatorYamine Benabdesselam, class of
VP PromoWilliam Davalan, class of
VP Special ProjectsMegan Israel, class of
Senior AdvisorHan Zhang, Huang, class of