MSS Family Medicine Student Interest Group (FaMSIG)

Club week video

About the club

FaMSIG is a group of McGill students interested in promoting Family Medicine amongst
their peers. Our goals include:

● Exposing medical students to a wide variety of Family Medicine role models

● Demonstrating the diversity of Family Medicine

● Supporting students who are interested in Family Medicine

● Educating medical students about Family Medicine training and careers

● Fostering mentorship between family physicians and medical students

● Fostering mentorship between upper-and lower- year medical students
● Informing students about current changes (provincial and federal) in family medicine

● Working in collaboration with CFPC and CQMF to raise awareness about primary health issues

● Having fun!

Contact information

Co-PresidentSyphax Brouri, class of,
Co-PresidentJenny Wang, class of
Med-4 repMichael Ferrante, Class of
Med-4 repCourtenay Wood, Class of
Med-3 repMaria Michaud, Class of
Med-3 repRose Noel, Class of
Med-2 repDimitry Yang, Class of
Med-2 rep, Ariane Monticone, Class of
Med-1 repAmely Popescu, Class of