MSS Helping Hands

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The Helping Hands project is designed to show fellow students the unique pressures faced by vulnerable populations in the Montreal area. Thousands of women must choose between necessary expenditures, such as food and medication, and essential hygiene products. We provide women from vulnerable populations with basic necessities in the form of feminine hygiene kits. We give our kits to women who are newly landed immigrants, homeless, marginally housed and living with HIV or other viral illnesses. In a reusable bag, our kits contain sanitary napkins, tampons, wet wipes, panty liners, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, hand cream, shampoo, deodorant, and condoms. Helping Hands has already donated to the Native Women’s Shelter, the Chronic Viral Illness Clinic (CVIS, Glen Hospital), CLSC Parc-Extension, Centre des femmes de Montréal, Logifem, and multiple other shelters in Montreal.

Contact information

Co-PresidentRanuka Sivanathan, class of
Co-PresidentAdalet Bugra, class of
VP Community OutreachGenevieve Mylocopos, class of
VP FundraisingSam Amar, class of
VP FinanceWen (Emily) Zhang, class of
VP MarketingJennifer Merariu, class of
VP InternalJulianne Cairns, class of
VP ExternalShaainthabie Karthigesu, class of
VP EventsAlicia Belaiche, class of
Med-4 RepMaha Hammoud, class of
Med-3 RepSamy Abu Setah, class of
Med-2 RepLinda Song, class of
Med-1 RepNesrine Aboulhamid, class of
Dent RepSarah Loran, class of