MSS Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group (LMIG)

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About the club

LMIG is an organized group of health professional students interested in learning about and promoting lifestyle medicine to prevent health problems. We aim to understand more about evidence-based lifestyle factors that influence everyday health and wellness and gain exposure to lifestyle medicine in clinical and research settings via affiliation with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. In addition, we wish to instill healthy lifestyle practices within the community through various educational and outreach initiatives.

Contact information

Co-President Genevieve Mylocopos, class of
Co-President Sepehr Mehrpouyan, class of
VP ExternalMartina Erdstein, class of
VP FinanceAriane St-Denis, class of
VP EventsKoty Negreanu, class of 2024
Co-VP Content & CommunicationsJasmine Rocci, class of
Co-VP Content & CommunicationsLy-Anh Reid, class of
VP Education strategyMatthew Lassman,
class of 2025
Med-3 RepPatrick Asselin O’Sullivan, class of
Med-3 RepBraeden Pearl, class of