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Parental socioeconomic status is a key determinant of healthy child development, and diminished access to material resources has consistently been associated with poorer health and academic outcomes. Given the pivotal cognitive and social maturation that occurs in the first few years of life, there is value in intervening early to minimize not only child health disparities, but also their subsequent impact on adult health.

Kits for Kids is a McGill medical student-led registered charity whose main focus is to provide free essential supplies to underprivileged children in the region of Montreal. We distribute multiple types of kits, each tailored to the needs of children from a specific age group, namely newborns, infants (ages 0-2), and toddlers (ages 2-5). Each kit contains an assortment of hygienic supplies (e.g., diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, etc.) as well as reusable or educational items such as wash cloths, markers, coloring books and Play-Doh. Physicians and social workers at our partnered pediatric centers (Tiny Tots, Montreal Children’s Hospital, Maison Bleue, CHU Sainte-Justine, etc.) are responsible for distributing the kits to eligible families on a per-need basis.

By alleviating some of the financial hardship experienced by low-income families, we air to mitigate the effects of poverty on children’s physical and mental well-being.

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