MSS Interventional Radiology Club (MIRC)

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About the club

The MSS Interventional Radiology Club (MIRC) aims to promote the medical specialty of Interventional Radiology, increase awareness of minimally invasive treatment modalities and facilitate exposure and research in this rapidly evolving field. We will be hosting a variety of events, including hands-on workshops to practice using different tools within IR, as well as interesting lectures and panel discussions.

Contact information

Co-PresidentRose Di Ioia, class of
Co-PresidentVincent Hoang, class of
VP InternalMichael Tutenberg, class of
VP SocialErfan Sadri, class of
Med-1 RepJessica Matschek, class of
Med-2 RepRushali Gandhi, class of
Med-3 RepDany Croteau, class of
Med-4 RepChris Valenti, class of