MSS Healthy Living

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About the club

To provide a safe space for medical students to come together and discuss challenges, reflect on experiences, explore strategies and get support from peers to enhance a sense of belonging, togetherness and solidarity while contributing to healthy living and the different aspects of health, including physical, mental and social aspects. As future healthcare providers, it is necessary for us to foster our own healthy habits and positive strategies to optimize our health and well-being so that we may provide optimal care. By incorporating activities ranging from peer discussions, expression through creative activities, and hearing from speakers, we aim to facilitate ways for medical students to express themselves, develop strategies, cultivate resilience and enhance well-being.

Contact information

PresidentAlicia Belaiche, class of
Med-4 RepJoelle Amir, class of
Med-4 RepJessica Gong, class of
Med-3 RepJohanie Victoria Piché, class of