MSS Addiction and Harm Reduction Interest Group (AHRIG)

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The overdose crisis and other inequalities and harms related to criminalization and stigmatization of drugs throw into stark relief pressing problems faced by our society. Seeing this, it’s hard not to want to help, but how? Harm reduction is an approach to health that meets the patient where he or she is. It promotes autonomy, respect and collaboration while strengthening the person’s confidence and empowerment. The Addiction and Harm Reduction Interest Group aims to satisfy your curiosity, to promote interest in the field of addiction and harm reduction, and to prepare future health professionals to deal effectively and compassionately with these areas in their practice as physicians; whether with hands-on training in harm reduction tools and techniques, high-impact seminars by professionals on the ground and in the field, you’re sure to learn something new!

Contact information

Club PresidentKim Périard, class of
VP OutreachRanuka Sivanathan, class of
VP Social MediaWilliam Filion, class of
VP InternalOliver Terry, class of
Med-4 RepDaniel Sikorski, class of