MSS Clinical Spanish Club

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About the club

The mission of the Clinical Spanish club is to offer comprehensive and interactive lessons for medical students to learn and practice Spanish for use in the clinic. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in Montreal, with about 150K native speakers. It also offers the advantage of being similar to French and thus approachable for most students.

Our focus will be on:

– Taking a clinical history

– Answering patient questions & explaining basic medical conditions

– Developing a rapport with newly arrived Hispanic patients

We welcome Spanish speakers of all learning levels as even native speakers may benefit from medical vocabulary refreshers. Our lessons will generally not assume much prior Spanish proficiency. We will host vocabulary workshops that will focus on presenting just enough detail to allow for clinical conversations (for example describing symptoms & naming body parts). These will be followed by practice sessions with Spanish-speaking standardized patients that will give students the opportunity to practice their newly formed vocabulary in a risk-free setting. Our club will also provide free practice material (such as Anki decks) to further practice their skills. Finally, our club will host cultural and social events to expose students to the local Hispanic community.

Contact information

Club PresidentLeina Kingdom, class of
VP FinanceZoe Atsaidis, class of
Director of communicationsEadan Farber, class of
Education CoordinatorCedric Kafie, class of
Med- 3 RepOliver Terry, class of
Med- 2 RepEmma Rodriguez, class of
Med-2 RepRandy Mukengeshayi, class of
M1 RepDiana DIorio, class of
M1 RepGabriel Berberi, class of