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Screening plays an essential role in the prevention of disease. Unfortunately, many individuals fall through the cracks and do not receive appropriate screening. This is largely due to the fact that much of the Quebec population does not have a family doctor. Our club aims to bridge this gap by enabling patient autonomy through (1) knowledge and empowerment, and (2) on the ground screening initiatives. In collaboration with physicians, we are hoping to improve student exposure to screening and preventative health through the creation of the first student run clinic in Quebec. Through our various projects, our goal is to facilitate access to and advocate for the importance of screening, while addressing lack of access to healthcare for marginalized communities.

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Co-PresidentKoty Negreanu, class of
Co-PresidentEliana Rohr, class of
Gatineau Head Team- Head of OperationsValerie Guay, class of
Gatineau Head Team- Montreal Liaison and Head of CommunicationsMarie-Pier Lacroix, class of
Gatineau Head Team- Head of Education and OutreachValeria Sygal, class of