MSS Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Interest Group (PMRIG)

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About the club

The MSS Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation interest group (PMRIG) was created with the goal of exposing McGill healthcare students to an exciting and often overlooked medical specialty. PM&R doctors, also called physiatrists, evaluate and treat patients whose functional abilities have been impaired. They hold a holistic view of the patient’s well-being, have in-depth knowledge in both MSK and neurology, and have two major focuses: sports medicine and rehabilitation. By way of relevant educational workshops, career-focused information sessions, and interprofessional collaboration, we hope to pique interest in the unique aspects of this discipline and prepare students for working with and referring to PM&R doctors.

Contact information

Co-presidentJack Legler, class of
Co-presidentRosalie Racine, class of
VP CommunicationsMyriam Hamza, class of 2026
Neurology RepresentativeEmilie Ritch, class of
MSK RepresentativeAlbert Shalmiev, class of
M3 RepresentativeMustafa Fakih, class of
M2 RepresentativePeter Mounsef, class of
M1 RepresentativeMelysiane Marcotte, class of