MSS Wilderness Medicine Interest Group

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About the club

The Wilderness Medicine Interest Group seeks to cultivate a better understanding and awareness of medicine in a wilderness context, a subset of medicine that is not included in the formal medical curriculum at McGill. The club’s activities will be geared towards learning about medicine outside of the controlled clinical environment, as well as establishing basic outdoors and wilderness skills that are necessary in wilderness medicine. Furthermore, the club seeks to promote outdoor activities as part of a healthy lifestyle and bring together the outdoors community within our student body.

Contact information

Co-PresidentAnne-Sophie Poirier, class of
Co-PresidentKacylia Roy-Proulx, class of
Med-4 RepJanie Morissette, class of
Med-4 RepAllyson Kis, class of
Med-3 RepJulia Biris, class of
Med-3 RepSébastien Lamarre-Tellier, class of
Med-2 RepKenneth Tan, class of
Med-2 RepAlex Laskaris, class of
Med-1 repLaurence Côté, class of
Med-1 repVictoria D’Amours, class of