MSS Whole Person Care Interest Group (WPCIG)

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About the club

The MSS Whole Person Care Interest Group provides a forum for medical students to explore their role as “healers”. Our goal is to promote and foster a medical culture that goes beyond simply “curing” disease; we aim to transform western medicine by synergizing the power of modern biomedicine with the potential for “healing” of every person who seeks the help of a healthcare practitioner. The club activities also encourage students to look inward and cultivate the practice of reflection and connecting with self and to look outward by building relationships with the broader Whole Person Care community and its values in McGill and in Montreal. Group activities may include but are not limited to: regular discussion groups, guest-speaker and panel events, whole-person care research opportunities, and a diverse array of workshops (e.g. narrative medicine, spirituality, arts & literature etc.).

Contact information

Co-PresidentEmily Oulousian, class of
Co-PresidentSarah Oliel, class of
Med-2 RepAlexandra Yacovelli, class of
Med-3 RepMatthew Lassman, class of
Med-3 RepLauriane Forest, class of
Med-4 RepJonathan Starr, class of
Med-4 RepAmanda Austin-Keiller, class of
Executive MemberJack Rudski, class of
Executive MemberMariève Cyr, class of
Executive MemberHamila Hagh-Doust, class of