Student Leadership Meeting Topics

This webpage lists the topic of the student leadership meeting with the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME).

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The following topics in this section were discussed during the bi-monthly student leadership meetings with the Associate Dean of UGME of Montréal Campus. These topics brought up by your student leaders were discussed, and subsequent communication may have been arranged to be diffused during class town halls, the Info-MDCM, or may have been redirected to the responsibility and scope of other sub-committees in the organizational structure.


Feel free to contact your class council and representatives on the student leadership meetings as listed on the MSS EdCom website.

Campus Montréal

March 27th, 2023

Med 1• N/A
Med 2• Stream release date
• Absences and Leaves during Transition to Clerkship
• AFMC Electives portal
Med 3• Med-4 start date
• Accommodation questions
• Elective BCI portal
Med 4• OSCE
• LMCC review
• Many essays
• AFMC graduation survey and ISA
• Post-match review
Other• Student-led clinic restrictions
• GA accommodation
• Site visits 

March 13th, 2023

Med 1• Class ranking for renewable bursaries
• White coat ceremony
• Disruption during the examinations
• Exam viewing procedures
Med 2• Clerkship Stream
• Tutoring
• STAT Holidays for TCP
Med 3• N/A
Med 4• Annexe on Match Day
• Valedictorian Speech
• Dean’s Gift for the graduation ball
• Various survey follow-up
Other• Absence and Leaves Policy
• UGME Town Halls
• IFMSA Exchanges

February 13th, 2023

Med 1• Previous Year Recordings for Block E
Med 2• Vacant administrative positions
• Deadline for clerkship stream form
Med 3• Vulnerable persons check
• Malpractice insurance for visiting electives
• EM and Geriatrics Sites
Med 4• LMCC review sessions
Other• Med Games Logistics
• Deferred exams
• Town Halls

January 30th, 2023

Med 1• Law library & New Chancellor Day Hall
• LFME placements
Med 2• Ranking of clerkship streams
• Class cancellations for RRP and CCH
• Academic Half Day Schedule for DIM
• Radiology: recording of lectures
Med 3• Elective Portal Update
• Rural medicine safety
• Research elective
Med 4• Application for graduation
• Interview invitations, wellness and preparation
• Mandatory Activities April 14th, 2023
Other• N/A

January 16th, 2023

Med 1• N/A
Med 2• End dates for Med-2 and start dates of Med-3
• Professionalism policy
Med 3• Progress test campus Outaouais
• Rural family medicine
Med 4• PIAT Schedule and selectives
• Graduation date
• One45 schedule for TTR
• CaRMS translation
Other• N/A

December 5th, 2022

Med 1• N/A
Med 2• R&E Grades
• ENA learning modules for TCP
Med 3• Geriatrics and emergency medicine examinations
• Elective cancellation policy
• McGill electives
• Class meetings and clinical activities
Med 4• N/A
Other• QR code for accidental exposures

November 21st, 2022

Med 1• Anatomy Exam
Med 2• RAC Schedule
• OSCE Schedule
• CHAP course
• Washrooms during examinations
Med 3• Progress Test
• Clinical shifts before examinations
• French proficiency
• Dates remedial discipline exams
Med 4• Remedials for clerkship discipline exam
• Progress test
• MSPR translation
• Initial review of CAF
• CaRMS transcripts
• MCC document certification
Other• Student Wellness
• Covid-19 updates

November 7th, 2022

Med 1• Pathology small groups
• McIntyre Small Group room clean-up
Med 2• RAC Schedule
• Covid Regulations
• Pathology Case Conferences
• POCUS courses
Med 3• CAF forms
• OB overnight shifts and exams
• On call day discipline exam
• Rotations schedule rule – Holiday period
• Med-4 stream
Med 4• PIAT Course
Other• MD/PhD students and RAC

October 24th, 2022

Med 1• Pathology small group scheduling
• Clinical encounter scheduling (Physicianship Course)
Med 2• TCP rotation sites for internal medicine
• Year schedule on the FMD component home page
• MD/PhD Rep representation on Student Leadership
• MD/PhD length of the program
Med 3• Med-4 schedule and elective portal registration
• Clerkship examination
Med 4• Post clerkship timelines
• DSQ keys
• Graduation Med-4
Other• CFMS Class of 2023 – Home capacity elective

Campus Outaouais

27 Mars 2023

Med 1• Tout va bien
Med 2• Changements d’horaire à la dernière minute
• Le système de streams
• Naviguer l’horaire en chirurgie
Med 3• Changements d’horaire à la dernière minute
Med 4• N/A
Other• Brainstorm pour activité entre les étudiants et l’administration

27 Février 2023

Med 1• Horaire des simulations
Med 2• Horaire des simulations
• Horaire des cours et des stages
Med 3• Stages à option externes
• Mise à jour de vaccins
• Procédure pour vérification des dossiers criminels
Med 4• N/A
Other• Nouvelle directrice des examens récapitulatifs
• Procédure pour journées d’observation
• Sensibilisation des équipes médicales par rapport aux étudiants

30 Janvier 2023

Med 1• Accès aux examens en anglais
• Matière à l’examen de mi-session du bloc E
• Problèmes d’horaire
Med 2• Stress pour le premier examen TPC
• Accès gratuit aux livres recommandés
• Accès à des ressources d’apprentissage en français 
Med 3• Problèmes d’horaire
• Stages à option pour les externes
Med 4• N/A
Other• Accommodations Zoom pour les activités obligatoires
• TPC responsabilités des étudiants
• Rappel du tableau de Reconnaissance et de ORE

9 Janvier 2023

Med 1• Block D se déroule bien
• Dates limites Info MDCM
Med 2• Entrevues sur l’environement de classs
• Listes des patients
Med 3• Externat se déroule bien
• Stages à option externes
Med 4• N/A
Other• Well office rendez-vous
• TPC responsabilités des étudiants