Kids2Hear (K2H)

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Hearing plays an essential role in the development of speech and communication skills in children. Undiagnosed hearing loss in childhood interferes with normal social, emotional, and cognitive development. Unfortunately, there is no universal hearing-screening program for children in elementary schools, and hearing impairments can often go undetected.

The main objective of Kids2Hear is to use a recently-developed hearing game application to screen elementary-school children for hearing impairment. The children who do not pass the screening audiology test are referred to an otology clinic.

Our activities mainly take place in Montreal.

Contact information

Co-PresidentAdalet Bugra, class of
Co-PresidentEmily Oulousian, class of
VP CommunicationsTasha Bouchet, class of
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VP CommunicationsGeorge Gerardis, class of
VP Education/ResearchLy-Anh Reid, class of
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