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About the club

RegardMed’s mission is to explore the contemporary medical world, covering its news, innovations and challenges. By presenting medical topics, which may sometimes seem complex, in a way that makes them easier to grasp and understand, our committee aims to improve the knowledge and stimulate the interest of the student population (university, CEGEP and high school students) regarding the world of healthcare. In addition, RegardMed aspires to be a real driver of social action and organizes activities, conferences and fundraisers themed around recent medical topics. In short, RegardMed aims to be a beacon for recent medical developments, exploring medical topics that are not always well known or understood. Please see our Instagram page (@RegardMed) to learn more.

Contact information

Co-PresidentElie Fadel, class of  
Co-PresidentDjalica Diallo, class of  
VP InvestigationAnaïs Aghaby-Cloutier, class of
VP InvestigationMatis Chauveau, class of
VP InvestigationShaainthabie Karthigesu, class of
VP InvestigationTarek Benzouak, class of
VP PolyglotFranciska Otaner, class of
VP FinanceMehrshad Hanafimosalman, class of
VP CommunicationsAbdullatif Hassan, class of
VP EventsZiad Lamlili, class of
VP EventsAya Kaissi, class of