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More Than a Cure, or MTAC, is a non-profit organization committed to empowering underprivileged and underserved women fighting breast cancer. We believe that every woman deserves access to high-quality care and support, regardless of their financial situation. Our mission is to provide critical financial assistance, services, and a supportive community that help women survive treatment with confidence, hope and dignity. More Than a Cure is dedicated to providing critical financial assistance, resources, and a nurturing community that empowers breast cancer survivors, thrivers, and their families to navigate treatment and recovery with confidence, hope, and dignity.

Contact information

PresidentMarie-Laurence Brunet, class of
Neyra Mekideche, class of
Emily Bottone, class of 2026emily.bottone@mail.mcgill.cs
Gabrielle Mercier, class of
Sam Amar, class of
Taliah Hyjazie, class of
Taylor Morganstein, class of